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All You Need to Know About Tick Fever (The Gory Details)

I hate ticks. Period. I used to hate them earlier because they seemed to prefer me to the dogs but since the Cuckoo episode, I hate them even more, even on the dogs.

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Video Wednesday: SummerHill

I thought I would watch the first couple of minutes and decide whether to watch the rest, especially after I saw it was 1 hour and 48 minutes long! The first few minutes had me wanting to watch more and so I shelved the movie to watch along with dinner. And oh boy was that a long dinner! :D

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It Isn’t the Usual Cuckoo Rash, It’s Tick Fever!

It all started a couple of days ago with Elu peeing her pants… Elu’s our lastest entry into the pack and is just 4 months old – both of these put her in a place where she is figuring her way around the dogs and the pack structure…


We’ve Moved. Again.

The last month or so since I disappeared from the blog, life has been quite the Tora Tora (Tora Tora’s that ride at the amusement park that looks like a twirling girls skirt and goes around and up and down at the same time.) – all topsy turvy and just plain crazy but yeah it’s been fun too. :D
So here’s my long explanation for the disappearance. :P


Website Review: as a concept is pretty cool since India is right now bursting at the seams with cars. (No point in arguing about there being no road space for these cars in this post) With the right incentives and a lot clean up, the site would definitely gather more users.

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Four Years and Counting

Che and I completed four years of marriage on Saturday. We’ve been together 6 years now and I can’t believe it, someday’s it feels like it all happened yesterday and someday’s, like it’s been eternity. But all said and done my last six years have been tremendous fun.

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Book Review: The Bad Touch by Payal Shah Karwa

‘The Bad Touch’ is a book packed with information.
This is a book I’d recommend to all parents, not just to read but to keep handy, just in case.

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