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It’s Not Tick Fever, It’s Auto-Immune

It’s been over a month since I first talked about Cuckoo getting tick fever. A lot changed over the days as things progressed and finally it seems it’s all better now. After all that panic and palpitation, I may be breathing easier now but through it all Cuckoo has been herself, completely cuckoo!

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My Week in Photos: A Howler from Cuckoo

A glimpse of the past week with a random collection of photos taken by me and Che through the week. :)

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The Saturday Tirade: My Dilemma on Bakri Eid

It’s that time of the year again when I feel like I’m in a Nazi camp. After all these years, I’m still shaken and upset by the number of deaths on one day. It’s Bakri Eid and I’m still struggling.

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Friday Review: I & Monkey – The Resto-Lounge

It was a meal I enjoyed in all the aspects, ambiance, service, flavour,… I’m looking forward to another trip to I & Monkey, after all there is so much to sample yet on that menu. ;) If you are looking for a place to unwind, catch up and eat some awesome food, I & Monkey is the place to go to, especially for lunch. :)

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Video Wednesday: Because Rape is NOT Always About Sex

I had come across this documentary some time back and I remember it making me sit up. I did the usual things we do when we find things we like online; I shared it on various networks and forgot about it soon after…


How to Manage Tick Fever If You Have a Pack of Dogs

Management of tick fever isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible either. Being diligent, careful and vigilant constantly, will take you a long way in keeping your pack safe. Here’s some of the things I was told to do and I did.

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The Saturday Tirade: Why should You DIY on Social Media

I had intended to write on another topic this week but over the week I have spoken to a few entrepreneurs who called for social media gyan and they left me steaming at the ears, so here goes…

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