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I loved you enough to let you go…

You didn’t look back
just walked away,
had tears in my eyes but
had to smile and say goodbye.

How was it so easy for you
to just let it all go,
What did you see in her
that wasn’t in me…

One look in her eyes
and you forgot all about me
teach me this trick my sweet
it may dull some of the pain.

What happened to those promises
all those dreams I saw with you
where did they all go
can one touch of someone else scatter them so.

Was my love so feeble and weak
where did I go wrong
what is it that I did not do
what is it that she gave you?

Do you not feel my pain
did you not hear my heart break
how was it so easy for you to say
that your in love with someone else.

You asked me if it was ok
if I’d be fine
if it would take too much time
to forget that once you were mine.

What could I say
but just smile
and hide all the hurt
I felt inside.

But nothing would help
you had decided to leave
no matter what I said or felt
you just had to go.

So I just smiled
like I accepted it all
just lowered my eyes
and let you go.

But I loved you
loved you enough
to let you go…

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