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The search is on…

The search is on…

Love is a four letter word, simple to spell, easy to say, its just one syllable and yet is such a complicated word. Its unexplainable, inexpressible, so situational, constantly changing, transforming and still it changes and moves the world. The meaning and understanding changing with the years. Always to suit the requirement of that age and person.

In school love was messages on torn slips of paper, chits passed along benches. Whispering when he passed by, silly promises, flowery letters and candy.

In college it took a different turn, it was in the look, the silent blush and sigh, the hide and seek of the eyes. Promises for ever, being together every available minute. Sleepless nights and days filled with waiting. Long letters filled with anguish brought on by the distance, hours on the phone and of course flowers and chocolates.

And today its transformed again. It’s a silent look and simple smile. Sms and emails. Spending hours on the phone one day and then not speaking for days. Knowing you come second and being ok with it. Being a friend all time and lover sometimes. Not demanding but understanding and being there. Not expecting but accepting.

All this is the same, all of it is love and yet it is different. I’ve been searching since time in memorial, looking around hoping to find someone who felt the same. But there is that fear too, what if ‘love’ changed again or he came but came too late… and yet hope springs eternal… maybe I will find him when ‘love’ feels the same for both of us… maybe just maybe he’s feeling it too… And all I have to do is keep searching…

(So what do u think… height of joblessness I say…)

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