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Posts from — December 2004

Madras 17th – 19th Dec 2004

Had gone to Chennai over the weekend. Was good. This is no write-up but had some adventres riding to and fro and here are some of them.

odometer – 1557

Was to leave at 6am on Friday but then the idea of having chai and a smoke in my roomie’s company got the better of me and so finally left at 7:10am. She had just come back from work and was complaining that it was freezing outside and that I was mad to be going out and that too on a bike.

Didn’t feel very cold but then once was on NH4 proper there was a mist and my fingertips froze. Started feeling them again only at 9:30 whenI took a break at Mulbagal. After a smoke headed out again only to stop about 30km before Ranipeta. The roads were psycotic didn’t wanna stop didn’t know when the ghats came and went. Reached Sri Perumbudurat after 12. After the 4 lane highway, the roads were terrible. Finally reached Chennai only after 2pm.

From there on went on to spent a weekend completely lazing around and doing absolutely nothing.

Did go to the beach though, after all its a tradition for me, a trip to Chennai would not be complete without going to the beach.

Headed out of Chennai on Sunday, didn’t wanna leave, the holiday spirit was catching on u see. Finally left at 10:30am. Managed to find my way out till Sri Perumbudur and someway beyond. Then at one point saw a board saying For Bangalore Straight and Chittor and RanipetaRight. Had been though Ranipet and did not enjoy one bit of it so thought would take the straight road even though no one seemed to travel by that road. (logic said that must be a bypass). Anyway turned out to be a road underconstruction. So all the time had gained on the4 lane was lost. Did 50-60kph for a good 60 km. Did some off-roading too coz the road somewhere in between just wasn’t there. Finally reached Vellore and just kept on. Had no clue where I was headed(except that this road somehow reached Bangalore) but then its the road so thought lets just go where ever its takes me.

Next reached Ambur and at this point was starting to think I was onNH7. Next thing I know I see a board saying Vaniyambadi. Well now don’t need to say what I did next. So put a pit stop at the biryani place and picked up two biryanis and moved on again. Stopped on the way and belted biryani. That was when I saw the time, was nearing 5pm. Realized that I didn’t wanna be on the highway after dark so started out again. Just someway before the turn for Krishnagiri smelt something burning. Actually slowed down thinking it was my bike (had been pushing her hard u see). Then saw this bike in front emitting loads of smoke and this guy was just sending it, must have been doing a good 90 odd. Then saw this hint of flame near his silencer and for a second thought WoW this guy had some NOS unit fitted but then realized that some bag he had tied to his bike on the side was on fire. And so started the chase. That was one funny chase. I leveled with this other guy who couldn’t push any futher so he looked at me and then the bike in front and nodded and so did I, the silent communication of riders on a highway. So took off again with horn blaring, just then the bike on fire guy overtook a tempo, now it was not only us but also the tempo guy honking away to glory and he actually leaned out of the window and started screaming too. But our bike dude just wouldn’t stop he actually picked up more speed. Finally caught up with him and waved to this babe sitting at the back and she actually waves back and am like hey stop stop. At this point my speedo was showing some 100kph. Went a little further and stopped to see if all was ok. That was whenI realized the smal lick of flame I had seen was actually the whole bag burning. Lucky babe, she was sitting with her foot next to the bag, her salwar and she could have got burnt.

From there on then just belted with an eye on the sun. Remembered the movie Race the Sun. Finally reached Hosur flyover at 6:30pm and breathed a sigh of relief. A good 150km or so in about an hour and ahalf. Good stuff. Reached home at 7pm. Sat down and listened to my roomie talking away again about me being completely crazy but that was only until I told her had got biryani for her. As soon as she tasted it she was like so when u going next. 😉 felt good to be back home.

odometer – 2224

On the whole a good trip. Bike handled like a dream and roads were psycotic.

Moral learnt – don’t aways follow logic, sometime u have to apply logic to logic or just blindly follow traffic. And a 100cc is capable of a hell of a lot. Completely proud of my babe.

December 17, 2004   1 Comment