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Just writing…

A friend messaged yesterday to say why no updates on your blog so thought would just add a few lines so that its not too much of a gap between two updates 😉

Life’s been a roller coaster lately. Too many up and downs to even remember. Came back from my Coorg ride in Jan and the riding season was over as it was too hot. March saw me with back pain. It just kept getting worse till I went to a Doc and he said its muscle injury. He gave medcines and reccomended physio. Then in May went to this quack who solved it all in a couple of minutes and I was as good as new. Went on a short ride to Kanakpura to test my back and felt great as there was no pain. Riding was not over for me. But that was not the end. Next thing to follow was viral fever that lasted a week and a half.

Finally got over that and am still recovering. The appetite is still not back. Feel hungry but then when I see food its gone. Have lots of weight and now am just eating to put on some weight and stay alive I guess.

Life’s taken a turn for the worse right now maybe it will get better sometime soon. Its like being pulled under water and struggling to get back to the top for air. Its a feeling of being closed in and losing it all. But wether all is lose yet or no is something to wait and see. Maybe, just maybe its still not lost.

Still have a little bit of the fight left in me, just have to find it. Am searching and hoping that will be soon…

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