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Cluelessly lost…

The simplest things in life are the most complex. Thoughts, feelings that are so easy to decipher, so easy to understand, sometimes become so difficult sometimes. They leave you feeling lost in an ocean with no ship in sight. It feels like your drowning in the waves of life. Nothing is in your control anymore. you have no say in what will happen anymore. You are at the mercy of the tide just hoping that it will take you where you want to go.

Life feels so full sometimes and so empty at others. I wonder why we don’t have simple lives. Why we can’t do all we want, get all we want. Why does everything have to be so complex. So unworkable sometimes.

People just come and go, and you can’t stop them. Everyone says its their time to leave but who decides that, the people who leave… and why do they decide to leave, why do they decide to go away from someones life. How did they manage that? How did they manage to just get up and go, no backward glance, no nothing. How was it so easy for them to break all ties… Do they feel no pull to the peple in their lives…

Had been waiting for Teena to type out some mails before we leave from work… No clue what I wrote and what it meant… Just wanted to write and went with the flow of my thoughts…

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