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The Fate of an Unconventional Woman…

Over the weekend I met a lady who most people would say is unconventional. We got talking and I did an impromptu interview. Short it was but it helped me get an insight into some aspects of her life.

What makes you unconventional?

Nothing really. Am just like any other woman, I feel joy, hurt, love, pain and all of those emotions. I have troubles and problems too. Unconventional is just a word that people created for want of another. Society has a certain picture of how a man or woman should be and if you step out of that picture – just don’t blend in – you’re called unconventional. Its just how you wanna live life – on society’s terms or your own.

What about love?

I’ve had my share of relationships. It’s a joy to have someone to run to, someone to take care of you, to hold you, to listen and share it all.
For an unconventional woman, men can be classified into two kinds – one thinks your great. They admire the fact that your different, that you dare to be that way. But your not wife material.
The other thinks you’re a challenge. A challenge to see if you’ll fit back into the picture. They either lose interest when you do or give up and move on.
But its never about you just being you.
I have a lot of friends who are men, but that’s it, no further.

What’s life like being single in your late twenties?

My life’s great even though its lonely sometimes.
A couple of years back my friends were still unmarried, we had lots of fun together. Today they’re married, they have lives of their own and hardly any time to do the things we once did. They’ve moved on, though we still keep in touch and I baby sit sometimes.
My life is now all about work and all the things I wanna do.
I go home to an empty house yet its home to me. Sometime back I thought of keeping pets but then gave up the idea, I’m and up and go person, I love to travel and pets are a commitment. I travel, go out, do what I feel like and don’t have to think of anyone else’s schedule. I like that, that’s freedom to be to me.
Yeah I feel lonely sometimes, I wish I had a family of my own too but that’s the price I’ve paid to live my life on my own terms.

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