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To go or not to go…

Spent the last week deciding whether to go or not to go, was like that eternal question of – to be or not to be…

Ok now to tell you where is was to go or not to go. My team at work was going to Masinagudi for the weekend and I had an exam on Sunday. Spent the beginning of the week convincing myself that I wasn’t missing anything and the exam was top priority. Then we started warming up for the weekend on Wednesday.

After half a bottle of beer and half an hour of convincing by Pallavi, priorities changed. Exam would come again in 3 months however team outing would not happen again for almost a year and even then some people may have moved on to other pastures.

So now it was decided that I was going to Masinagudi. The rest of the two days at work were spent listening to people letting me how let down they were. How I had no will power etc… All bullshit I say!!! Pardy anytime…

Thursday was Adrian’s B’day Pardy and just before I entered the bar told my mother about going to the trip. What she had to say almost had me going back home but then priorities are priorities and so told her to sleep on the idea and I would do the same. We would then discuss it the next day.

After a lot of drinking ideas came and it was not as difficult as I thought to convince my mother.

Friday night saw me have some Glenfiddich and no sleep. Left home at 4:30am on Saturday.

The plan was to remain buzzed over the weekend. But don’t know what happened 🙁
Over the weekend just had two mugs of beer. Forget buzzed wasn’t even high. But still had fun so what if I didn’t drink enough 🙁

If you wanna know all I did in Masinagudi… watch this space…

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