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Unreserved love…

Love, it’s a magical word, it’s a wonderful feeling, it feels romantic and mushy, it feels euphoric… some of those many things said about love, but I have always wondered, what is love? How do you define it? Is there a definition at all? Will I ever find a definition?

I haven’t found one yet but yeah have got quite a few chances of seeing Love work, each one unique, some about me and most about people around me. Each one has left me believing and searching with more vigour.

I was travelling over the weekend and considering it was travel my style it was in the unreserved compartment. Its amazing to meet people there, from across all stratas. There is so much to learn and they all seem so approachable. There is no class barrier here. Its just live and let live.

Anyway I was talking about love… I started out at about 11:45pm from Bangalore and it was about 1:00am that this couple boarded the train with a son about the age of 13. He had a fracture in his knee I think and was going to the hospital. They gave him a sheet, found him a seat and made him comfortable. The mother spread out a sheet on the ground, squeezed into the space in the alley and between the seats (you wouldn’t how what this is like if you haven’t travelled in the unreserved on an Indian train) and went to sleep. The father sat and chatted with the men for sometime.

He then lay down the little space she had left him. Was a tight squeeze but am sure he liked it. A was a delight to see him put his arm under his head and in the process gently nudge the wife, she just as naturally lifted her head and placed it on his arm Seemed like a daily ritual, so calmly done. She didn’t even bat an eyelid.

To me sitting and watching that was love. Maybe the labour class of our society, the drama unfolding in an unreserved compartment, oldish parents of a 13 year old and yet just plain simple love. All he was thinking of I guess was that she should be comfortable with whatever he would provide, she accepting that and being satisfied. Watched them for most of the night and his arm didn’t move. Positions changed but the lady had a cushion through the night.

Latest definition of love – Love is a cushion. 😉

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