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This week in the life of Freya…

Just feel like writing… but then no idea as to what… ok let me tell u what I’hv been upto this week.

The weekend saw me being lazy, sleeping loads, lunch at Mom’s, meeting some friends and sleeping some more. Ajay left Delhi to head back to Gandhidham… Hope he finds what he looking for, there…
Oh saw two movies too… Monster-in-law – sad it was, and A lot like love – pathetic, supposed to be the movie Hum Tum is based on but Hum Tum is too good and my Fav and this was… well, pathetic…

Monday – Sam got back from Ladhakh on Sunday and I spoke to him Monday morning. He was gone for almost a month. Hmmm he was missed 🙁 Its good to have him back though he’s lost some weight. Rest of Monday was the usual, woke up late, rushed head back, routine work with loads of audits. Went home had Monaco and Baked beans for dinner (yummy) and this time slept early as had to wake up early.

Tuesday – The usual. Alarm rang and I kept snoozing for 3 hours, woke up finally at 9. Just gave in to sleep. Was I guess a good Idea. Spent the day feeling guilty about sleeping extra and not studying. Had to make a presentation for the presentation workshop, so got to office and quickly got to work creating it. Did it on Bullets and Its History. Was super, hadn’t known so much. Now am full Bullet History Pro… 😉 The guys at office were like ‘as expected of u’ but enjoyed the old bullet ad clip I ran and the presentation. Super stuff wonlee…
The rest normal, got home and actually slept.

Wednesday – Saw me wake up early after quite sometime. Up at 6:30 and went jogging. Hardly jogged, its been ages or atleast felt like it and my legs were killing me so returned in 15min with milk for coffee. Met newspaper boy too and made deal for paper delivery everyday. Made breakfast, had bath and sat down to study while eating. Read only one chapter but then what the heck… still was better than nothing. Off to office after that. Went to meet the boys after work at Opus… super fun it was to meet them all after quite some time. Met Samir and he didn’t recognise me and Vodka (full in form) tells him in kanada hitting on me is of no use. Had a good laugh. So true it was after all :)Got back home about 11 and went off to bed.

Thursday – Thats today !!!! Woke up early, didn’t go jogging and my newspaper boy turned up with man too and caught me in my skimpy nightwear so had to talk to him through crack in the door. Hope he understood all the instructions. Made breakfast, cursed my coffee filter as its too slow on the filteration, hence had to have instant coffee. Studied a chapter again but am feeling bit guilty as it was a very short one. Got to office early at 9:00 by bike, traffic was painful. Played at bit of games, now am sitting and typing this out… will stop this and go have Horlicks after which will do some work as am leaving office at 2pm. Have got pick up Sam then meet Muthu and see a Machismo for sale. Am fultu excited, its a good deal, if all goes well will sson be pround owner of Faakira… have waited long for her 🙂 but then if u bring in the sautan first have to have loved the first enough to hold the peace 😉

Ok am off now… Atta boy…

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