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Yelagiri – (not entirely as planned) 7-8 September 2005

Had been wanting to take sometime off for quite sometime, so finally took two days off just after Ganesh Chaturti and now having five days at hand decided to go to Yelagiri. Maybe should have gone somewhere further but then for a lot of reasons this was suitable. Made bookings there for four days at Hotel Woodside and decided to head out on Wednesday 7th September.

Odometer – 9446
Start time – 09-15am

Had thought of leaving early but then had a late night and just didn’t wanna get up in the morning. Was woken up by Rupal, when she got home at about 7am. Then lazed about, finally had a bath and got ready. She headed to bed and I headed to the ATM to get some money and tankup.

Finally headed out at 9:15am after doing all of that and was wondering how the traffic scene would be at Koramangala and beyond, but thanks to the Festival and holiday I guess there wasn’t much traffic. Got out of town quite quickly and moved on towards Hosur with a stop to fill oil (had completely forgotten about it during the week). It was drizzling or rather it was a constant drizzle, the weather forecast for the day on the radio had been drizzle through the day and rain in the afternoon. Its fun riding in the rain however its not nice being cold and well am not a cold weather person, I like the moderates. 🙂

I stopped at Forest Dhaba where I have stopped everytime on this route for a coffee, they didn’t have milk so settled for black tea. Feeling a little warm after that decided to headed out again, however just couldn’t unlock the bike, all the levers seemed jammed. The Dhaba guys got some oil and after some cajoling the lock sprang. Before my babe would think of something else moved on and stopped next only once I reached the Yelagiri curves. Enjoyed the ride to Krishnagiri ad headed out to Vaniyambadi. Had been going really slow, I don’t think I must have crossed 60-70. The route looked different as most of the work on this part of the highway was complete and at one point I started to think I was lost and asked for directions, only to be relieved when the guy pointed ahead and go straight.

Before I knew it I had reached Vaniyambadi and had to turn around and go back to take the turn to Yelagiri. Once on this road I just headed on, didn’t feeling like stopping, had been hoping for a surprise but then did get one, only it was surprise that the surprise didn’t come 🙂 Anyway headed out up the hills. Super curves I say, now those put mine to shame too 😉 Stopped at one of the curves to drink some water and gaze out at the beauty spread out below. The mountains covered in mist all around.

Started out again and at the top of the hill found that the hotel had sent one of the boys to give me directions. Followed him to the hotel which was quite a distance from where we stayed the last time. Reached there at about 2:15pm. Wasn’t really in a mood for lunch so freshened up and went in search of a PCO to make some calls. Called home to let them know had reached and checked in.

Then went back and settled down to do some reading. Only to be disturbed at about 5 by the friend of the owner who was keeping an eye on the place. There didn’t seem to be any electricity so checked and he said there was no electricity in the area due to rain – and that was just great, what more would I ask for. Ahh anyway he hadn’t come to tell me that, what he had come for was to tell me the owner of this hotel had arrived and he wanted to meet me.

Anyway went to meet him and he was quite friendly. A criminal lawyer by profession I had quite a decent conversation with him about law and some cases he was handling, but that didn’t last long coz he left to attend some wedding. Can’t say the same about the other guy though, the above mentioned owners friend. He had chewed my brains enough when I got there and if that wasn’t enough he started off again, from questions about how many chapters there were in the Koran to how concerned he was for my safety since I had come alone and was of the same religion. Phah had a good mind of letting him sample some of my fist and a piece of my mind on what I though of old fat nosy muslim uncles. Luckily for him I managed to escape back to my room.

Was quite hungry so when asked what I wanted for dinner chose the simplest hoping to get it the quickest, however even Sambar and Rice took a good two hours to arrive and finally when it did, it wasn’t Sambar Rice but Parothas and Kushka. During this time another drama unfolded, cops turned up asking one hazar questions on why I was alone here, address, phone number, what everyone in my family was doing, identity cards and so on. How I wished I knew Tamil, just so I could tell him to take all his questions and put them up where the sun doesn’t shine, but since I couldn’t translate just tolerated him.

Finally he left and dinner arrived, was tired and sleepy for once so ate quickly and slept. But that was not the end, trust our Indian Police for Safety and Peace. He was back at 10:30pm (God does the man not own a watch – or can atleast our Govt. give him one), was so irritated to be woken up and that too just when I got to sleep early. Oh he did a through inspection to the room and bathroom, checked my driving license again, looked at my saddlebags, checked under pillows and mattress (do men hide there?), made note of my address and other details and asked questions again. This time though I didn’t have the patience and all he got was Why you asking?…

He finally left grumbling about how he was only doing his duty and all this for my safety. Safely my foot, the B*****D had the audacity to come to my room at 10:30 and alone mind you with out this sub-inspector or what ever and he talks of my safety. Luckily he left just short of me asking him to get out.

Was really angry and as usual sleep evaded me till 12 or so. Woke up at 6:00am when the hotel boy came top enquire about tea or coffee. Had tea, a good wash and headed out. Wanted to avoid the fat fool so left for the lake early. Lake turned out of be a large puddle. Anyway sat in the garden beside it and read for sometime. Then suddenly decided to head back, called Mom and told her would be back in the afternoon.

Went back to the hotel packed and then went to tell the fat fool that I was leaving. Once all monetary settlements were made he insisted taking my address, he would come and meet me sometime he said or let me know if he found a nice boy for me. God if I ever see him again, he’ll never leave the hills again.

The ride back was just super. Stopped on the curves again for quite sometime. Enjoyed the road downhill and the weather was good, wasn’t too hot for quite sometime and I made good time. With about tow stops reached Bangalore in about 3 hours. Got home and demanded lunch first up.

Odometer – 9893
Arrived at – 3:00pm

Was a good ride however not a good trip. Didn’t like the stay at Yelagiri, truthfully was a pain, this wasn’t the first time I was travelling alone but this time the men I met managed to outdo the rest I have met by furlongs in being painful pricks.

But I did enjoy every bit of my ride, in the rain and in the sun too. The roads are just great and well I enjoy state highways much more than national so once off the NH7 it was just pure bliss. After all riding is like making love, its all about the curves and the straights 😉

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