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Posts from — October 2005

Musafir and Faakira…

Someone just asked me why Faakira… here’s my explanation…

When I named Musafir… it was about an idea, a way of life, a philosophy… It was about what I am passionate about… travel in the true sense… not about kilometers but about experience, about places and people…

Faakira is on the same lines… about leading a life of a faakir, of belonging to no one and no where… of being detached… of always being on the move… a simple life…

Something like that… very intangible… tried putting it in words… but its just a feeling, a philosophy… hope it makes some sense… 🙂

October 27, 2005   No Comments

So where am I headed?

Finally brought Faakira home… Rode her back all alone. Had hick-ups on the way with idling and all but was an awesome feeling… Kept a steady speed of 40 as was wee bit (read as shit 😉 ) scared. Jaws and muscles all stiff with tension.
The feeling was awesome… the beat, the feel of power still there just beyond, an itch to push just a bit more… phah looks like am going the speed way too… gonna hit the track soon at this pace.
Did just 13km from Sam’s place to Mine but it was really something in the rush hour. And ofcourse thanks to Sam for tolerating me and helping out with figuring how she would start 🙂
Ok thats it for now. My shoulders and leg still hurting with all that kicking. Am back to dreaming.
But still what a joy it was to see her outside when I woke up, starting her and then actually sat and polished a bit and cleaned up Musafir too for good measure. 😀

October 20, 2005   No Comments

Life is short

Life is short, don’t waste time worrying about what people think of you.
Hold on to ones who care, in the end they will be the only ones there.

Time for an update… so thought would start with the above lines. Found them the other day. lately have been finding so very old stuff, surprising what you would find when you start looking through the past :).

Life is quite an amazing thing… wonder if you can ever win against it… just when you think its all under control, it throws up a surprise… Its just crazy, couldn’t it have been just a bit smooth…

Well what else… kinda busy with work and some training and not to forget my exams… haven’t even got time to get my bike work done… anyway have some leave coming up to next week will be riding Faakira (God willing)…

Thats it then for now 🙂

October 7, 2005   No Comments