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Chains of responsibility

Life has some amazing twists. The chains of responsibility around the heart are so heavy… Somehow the hearts desires can’t escape these.

Its your resposibility to pay for this, its your responsibility to be there for them, its your responsibilty to suceed (after all so much was invested in this), the house is your responsibility, the kitchen is your responsibility, the kids are your responsibility, fulfilling all their dreams are your resposibility…

Yeah but what of your dreams. Where did they all go in this? Do you not have a right to follow your heart. Why are you always tied down into a role cause its a requirement?

Oh, you could break it all and just leave. But it takes a lot to break those hearts. To watch them look at you acusing that all that happened is again your resposibility. Why can’t they just let you be? Why always have you make these choices? What if they just didn’t expect anything out of you?

How do you make the choice between your dreams and their dreams? And what would you chose? Its after all a choice between your heart and your family.

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