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Husband Required…

Ahhh… had one of my infamous adventures again last night. Just before going to sleep at 11:30 walked into the loo to find a cockroach sitting comfortably on the basin. Stared at it for a few seconds hoping looks could kill but then hit is more effective to went and brought it from the hall praying the roach would stay put and not run off. Stood right at the door ready to bolt and sprayed at it. Kept spraying in fits and bursts till the #$%^& died. Thought of leaving it there till morning but then who knows, what if its relatives found the body and decided to take revenge for the murder so went to get something to throw it out with. Made a stick out of newspaper to manuver the body onto the dustpan. In the process of manuvering realized there was one more in the process of dying. Almost dropped everything including #$%^&*’s body to get away but then stopped at the door and waited to collect second body too.

Shock hit once the bodys were disposed off, was already rubber knees, now breathlessness hit and a racing heart at F1 speed. Just sat down in curled tight postion with eyes everywhere and jumping at every sound. Finally got breath back after 5 min, I think. The breathlessness was new and it scared me no end. Actually thought would collapse and die. Sleep wasn’t easy coming and constant search with eyes was on for some more. Finally slept fitfully with the light on.

Freak… was one of the worse until now. Think have to find someone (read husband) to stay with full time, if not for anything else atleast to kill these #$%^*&.

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