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Pay to Volunteer…

Have been looking up some organisations on the internet to do volunteer work with. Noticed something really funny. To do volunteer work you have to pay!!!

Seems so inhumane (for want of a better word) to ask someone to volunteer to help and pay for it also 🙂 Maybe its because of the foreigners who come to help here in India and think they are doing a great job, well yeah they are, but its wrong to think that they are doing a great job just coz its in a so called Third World Country.

These are the people who pay to serve coz they can’t help people in their own countries and wouldn’t be able to even if they paid there. So they come here and these organisations make money out of them.

But then what happens to someone in India who may want to help and serve people. Why should they pay for this oppurtinity to help their fellow countrymen? Is it right to charge for these services? Is there now a price for humanitarian behaviour? Where are we going with this? Will this become our culture? What will happen to all we were taught as children, to help all the needy and all of that? Would we still help if we had to pay to help?

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