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I Don’t Belong…

Ever felt you don’t belong… doesn’t matter where, its just I don’t belong…
Had gone home yesterday to spent that night at Mom’s place. Felt so distant, as if am in some strange place. It didn’t feel like home. It should have, after all its my Mom’s place, the house I grew up in, so many memories and I was feeling so detached. Sleep eluded me the way it does in new places. Felt so out of place. Just wanted to go home.
But then where I live isn’t home either. Its just a house I go to to sleep and rest.
This isn’t the first time I felt this way, its happened before a lot of times just that I never thought about it.
The times I met someone and felt out of place, the times with friends I have questioned what the heck was I doing there. Innumerable instances of just feeling all alone in a crowd. When everything seems so distant or its just you being distanced from it all.
Like your a third person in the entire drama of things. A silence spectator while the play unfolds.
And am left with questions – who am I? where do I belong?
Do I even belong…

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