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India is a country built on diversity. No country compares to its diversity, whether it is the terrain, people or culture. No matter which part of India you go to, you will find variety. The plains in the center; green forests, back waters, humid marshy swamps, rolling beaches in the south; green and desert mountains in the north; the desert in the west and the green undulating mountains in the east. This is variety found no where else. People differ across in looks and lifestyle. Culture is varied across the country. So diverse, so colourful, just so beautiful.

And yet all of this builds walls between people. Attitudes people have, the biases they have about each other and regions. Labels for people based on the few they have met. They hardly know everyone in that area but mindsets are all ready existent.

I haven’t travelled across India but have travelled quite a bit, and my travels have thought me that people can’t be labeled. Everyone is different; you will meet the sweetest people in the harshest climates. The most needy will not even think before sharing what they need the most. People who are supposed to be the most rugged will be as gentle as a lamb with you. People who are supposed to be rude and uncivilised will treat you with love and respect. People who are supposed to have attitude and treat outsiders badly will land up helping you out the most. Here there are no barriers, not of language, not caste, not region, nothing. You speak the language of humanity, the language of the heart.

People are not always who you think they are but what you make of them. Yes you will meet some who are not friendly, who will treat you badly and all of that but the majority will treat you well. People who will treat you like another human being before they look into your caste, language and region. Those who will just accept you for you. But then is it right to generalise about all people based on those few bad experiences. How can you forget the nice ones?

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