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Ahh… Finally saw Zinda on Thursday. I had liked the concept while watching the rushes and had wanted to watch it.
It’s a good movie, not something to watch repeatedly but a good first watch. At no point do you really get bored. No songs that have you going oh no, not another song. All largely built into the movie, it’s good. Sanjay Dutt’s done a good job and so has John Abraham. The story keeps you guessing right to the end.
The movies about Sanjay Dutt being kept in solitary confinement for 14 years and then suddenly being release and give 4 days to find out why he was imprisoned in the first place. You will keep guessing why he was, and what does John Abraham have to do with it.
Did find a flaw in the movie though. At the beginning when Sanjay Dutt is abducted and confined, his wife has just got the news that she’s pregnant and doesn’t get a chance to tell him.
A little later in a news clip that that Dutt is watching the reporter says ‘his wife has been murdered a year after his disappearance’.
And the later on John Abraham tells Dutt that he killed his wife when his child was a year old and now his daughter is 14 years old.
Hmmm… if Dutt’s wife just got the news before he was abducted she must have been only about three months pregnant at the most. So if she was killed when the child was a year old, that would be about two years (or a year and a half) after the abduction. In which case after 14 years of confinement for Dutt his daughter should have been 13 years old.
Ahhh… see story writer made an error… must be weak in maths 🙂
But with the goof-up also it’s worth a watch.

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