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A woman’s bike

The 30th April Edition of ‘The Week’ magazine had a small article on me for riding. Here it is…

Fatima—Freya to friends—started riding a bike in 2002. The 25-year-old computer science graduate, now a trainer at a call centre in Bangalore, fell in love with a friend’s 1994 model Yamaha RX 100 and bought it. In 2004, she did a bike trip from Bangalore to the Rann of Kutch on the RX. The ride was to celebrate the anniversary of 60KPH, a Mumbai-based riding club. “I had only done small trips before that. This was a 4,082-km ride,” she recalls.
Although anxious, her family was supportive. “As a kid, I rode my brother’s bicycle. Girlie stuff was not for me. I like the power of bikes,” she says.
A few months ago, Freya bought a Bullet Machismo 350, with gears on the left side. “Bullet gives a different thrill,” she says. “I never felt I was at risk on the Kutch trip. People in our country are so welcoming. Of course, I had to make bookings wherever possible and had to stick to the golden rule: never ride alone at night.”
Freya hopes she would be able to do a bike ride to the Himalayas on the Machismo. “I have always loved travelling. If you like bikes, then it is an excellent combination,” she says.

The Link to the article online.

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  • Venkatesh

    pretty cool..

  • Mustang

    quite an awesome article…

  • Mahesh Shantaram

    After a month of intense vacillation, I finally signed the regiatration papers for a Bullet Machismo today, i.e. after scratching out Electra 5s at the lastest minute. The lady at the desk was at her wits end when I popped the question… do you get any women customers? It was a sincere question but it didn’t go down well with her :)

  • Rocky

    Way to go… Best of luck for your BIG … LONG ride

  • Addy

    Hey!! when did you get a solo saddle???
    welkome to the club

  • Anonymous

    Yeah lady…glad to know that you finally got ur own 350…and rock on… the good Lord watches over you I’m sure…may you travel in the slip stream beneath HIS wings always…BLACKJACK!