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Free Falling…

It been sometime, sometime since I did many things – updated this blog, went on a ride, wrote a write-up… Its time now, yeah its time…

It’s been almost two years since my ‘Journey of Firsts’, and these two years have seen me through quite a bit. Some of the highest highs and the lowest lows, some brilliant discoveries and some nonsensical mistakes. Days when I couldn’t stop smiling and days when I couldn’t find a smile. But through it all I have still been learning, and these two years have been a learning experience, life’s just that isn’t it 🙂

Its time now to slip away, to just let go. It may just sound mad, stupid, risky, dumb, foolish, imbecilic, moronic, insane… to some, and some may just sum it up with ‘she’s lost it’, but then not too many people can, can they?

So I’m leaving here, not for good but for sometime. Am leaving to wander, to roam, to learn, to meet people, to follow my heart. Sounds too cryptic?

Well, you will know with time, watch out for the updates here and you’ll know what I meant. In the mean time, you will notice some change on this blog and I hope you and your good wishes will be with me along the way. 🙂

So off I go…

I’m free, free falling,
I wanna free fall out into nothin’,
Gonna leave this world for awhile.
And I’m free, free falling.
Yeah I’m free, free falling.

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