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I watched ‘Dor’ today. As always Nagesh Kukunoor has done a good job. The story of two women and their different lives in two corners of India and yet they are tied together by the strings of circumstance. An amazing insight into a woman’s life with its joys and challenges. Only a woman can want revenge for the pain caused and yet forgive with a pure heart.

And as always it set me thinking. I associated a lot with Zeenat; the self made woman, a rebel who follows her heart. She’s fought for all she has and in the process become a force to reckon with. This isn’t just something about Zeenat every woman has this in her. Just that most women keep it behind closed doors of their minds and hearts.

A woman, every woman is powerful, loving, caring, kind, generous and yet someone you don’t want to slight. It’s rightly said that women have immense capability and brilliance when it come to revenge. All this comes from the tolerance of a woman. She is the birth-given and in the process endures pain that would bring great heroes to their knees. But this is not the end of the pain; she has her crosses to bear for life, as a daughter, wife and mother. In each role she needs to give so much more then she will get. Even after she gives so much she put to the test every time, constantly asked to prove herself.

But there are women who break free, who have the courage to question society’s norms and the will to walk their own path. Those who have opened the doors of the mind and heart. Those who listen to their heart, walk the path of the heart and along the way touch so many lives, enriching and encouraging them.

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