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Love – a commodity?

A thought struck me and I wondered about it. I thought of love and the human search for it. All of us have a picture of it in our minds, how it should be, what the person should be like, look like, what they should do, what they shouldn’t do, what quantities they should have…
It’s like the world is a supermarket and we are looking for that item of our choice. We know what we want and either wait until we find it or some will try out products that come close to their requirements to see if it satisfies.
Sometimes the product has its own criteria of use and in such cases either you have to let go of the product or pretend to be able to fulfill the criteria.
However most people will not settle for anything but the product they want. But then there also are those which will just live with what they have because they can’t afford the other or it’s not available or the supermarket doesn’t have an exchange policy.
Yeah, Love is a commodity too.

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