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A feast for the eyes…

It’s been ages since I saw a gorgeous man, the kind your eyes feast on and just can’t get enough of, until…

I saw him from the bus window on my way home standing at the bus stand laughing. It was the sound of his laughter that first made me turn to look and from there on I just couldn’t take my eyes off him.

He stood there with a smile playing about his lips and a sparkle in his eye that seemed to light up the world around him. As I sat watching and drinking him in with my eyes, I had a smile playing gently on my lips too. I wondered if he would get on the same bus and he did. He did!!

I was thrilled with my choice of seat once he settled in coz it gave me an unobstructed view of him. I could watch to my hearts content and yet not be caught staring.

Let me describe him for you (am not very good at this but I’ll try). He had the skin tone of just the right shade of coffee, neither black nor milky but just the right strength. My kind of coffee :D. A wide forehead with wavy black hair that just hinted at the receding due soon. His nose was beautiful and called for attention. Mind you it wasn’t large or pointed and yet neither was it small or podgy. And well shaped cheek bones that showed laugh lines.

As I sat watching he seemed to be smiling secretly and his eyes, oh, they had a life of their own. They had this mischievous sparkle that made you wonder what was going on in his mind. And his lips added to the mischief. Thin and well shaped they were inviting with an outline of a well maintained moustache.

I dragged my eyes away from his face and looked at the rest of him. He had a well toned body which showed muscle and yet no bulges. A lean mean body! His fingers were slim and shapely, the nails cut at the right length and palms clean.

This was one of those rare journeys where I didn’t reach out for my book and spent my journey gazing at him. It was with great reluctance that got up to leave at my stop.

As I got off I hoped to see him again and so looked up for a bus number but there was no number just details saying it went from Majestic to Devanahalli and didn’t allow usage of the pass for travel. I did get the bus reg. number though – KA 01 FA 828. Now it shouldn’t be too difficult, should it; I just have to make sure I travel by this bus. After all he drove the bus; there would be no missing him. 😉

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