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Posts from — December 2007

It’ll all pass

Its a definite sign of bad times when you start to be judged by friends and start to feel alone. They are the ones who are to accept you for who you are. Oh yes! they can correct but don’t you think they should hear your justification too.
Its sad to lose your friends to the other life. They all just seem to slip away and you are left wondering if your destined to be alone. Everyone seems to have so much to do and you are just standing there watching; a silent observer as life passes you by.
But then again, maybe its meant to be that way. Life moves on after all, it’ll all pass.

December 8, 2007   2 Comments


Happiness… it something I’ve been chasing since I don’t know when. But happiness is like that mirage of a water woman in the desert. I know she holds the secret; its there in her smile, hidden behind the veil. And I follow her as she runs the sand dunes ridges, trying hard to catch up but she’s there, right there, just beyond my reach. I don’t even know if she’s real but everything depends on getting to her. I call out; she stops and as I shade my eyes and look up, the breeze lifts her veil and I catch a glimpse of her smile. I stop in my tracks stunned, the blazing sun seems to have become warm, the sky seems rosy, and the world seems alright again. This is what am looking for but its just momentary for she takes off again and am back in pursuit. I must get to her, else I’ll have just these fleeting moments. All of everything depends on reaching her.

December 3, 2007   No Comments