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Seesmic vs. Twirl vs. TweetDeck

Chenthil recommended Seesmic to me yesterday as I use twitter alot for work lately.
Hence I installed Seesmic to try it. Am already using Twirl and Tweetdeck. So let me tell u what I think of each. (***Disclaimer – This is being written by a non-techie 🙂 )

This particular app seems nice. It lets you have multiple columns, a left bar that lets you select different types of tweets, accounts and searches. It also works with multiple accounts. However it lacks look and feel and even help prompts. It should be made more user friendly. One thing I noticed was it doesn’t let me mark tweets as read or clear select tweets. In Seesmic either I keep all tweets (and hence the list gets too long) or I have to remove all tweets. This is the biggest drawback I see. Hopefully it’ll get better and they’ll build in these tools. However its definitely better than Twirl and is a wanna be Tweetdeck.


Now Twirl is nice for those who just use twitter to keep up with friends but there are better tools to do that too (read about Tweetdeck). The only plus I see is its stupidly simple, allows multiple accounts and feels like a chat window (but twitter is not chat). What it doesn’t have is multiple columns hence all tweets, replies, DM’s; everything just falls into one verrry long list. And if you follow someone who tweets regularly through the day your doomed with an exceptionally long list and you may lose out on some other important tweets. Its a pain to scroll. Here tweets can be marked as read but again I either clear all or nothing. Ok I definitely don’t recommend it.

You can see I saved this for last coz I think its the best right now; and except for letting me schedule tweets for later and handle multiple accounts I can do everything else with this App. Whether personal or work this App is great. It has a great look and feel, has multiple columns for replies, DM’s & All Friends. You can also make groups of people from your friends and each group’s tweets will show in a different column. The same way different searches can also be set up.
Tweets can be marked as read and only read tweets cleared or all tweets can be marked as read and cleared. Filters can be set, columns moved about, and you can even make it show only one column and hence get the chat window feel.
It has a vast set of settings and gives you twitterscoop, stock twits and 12 seconds video post at the click of a mouse.
The only major draw back is that it is a bit bulky on the system.

So final summary use TweetDeck as your main twitter app and for other accounts use Seesmic. Avoid Twirl.

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