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What do you think Ganga should do?

question-mark Here’s a situation that I heard all about this morning. Please read through and tell me what your advise would be?

Ganga is a 20 year old and she has a 4 year old son. When her husband had left her she was 2 months pregnant. Since then she has been staying with her parents.

She blames her parents for marrying her off to a boy she didn’t even have a chance to meet. When she came back to them after he left, she says they didn’t let her abort the child she didn’t want. And now she says they constantly complain about her son and her being a burden.

She nows wants to leave her parents and marry a boy she has met. He is still studying and is expected to finish in two months and get a job. That puts his age at about 21-22. He is a Teluguite and she is a Nepali. They plan to speak to his parents but intend to marry even if they don’t agree. The boy wants to marry her and adopt her son too.

Do you have any advise for Ganga? What do you think she should do? Should she think of her son before herself? Should she consider how young the boy is when making her decision? After all he’s still studying and is yet to get a job. Or should she just go ahead, because after all if it doesn’t work out she will be back to being single/divorced and that where she is right now. So she has nothing to lose but gets the bonus of a father for her son.

What do you think – should she marry or should she wait to assess further?

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  • well, its simple… if the man agrees to take the responsibility, she should take this up and marry him and have a life.. young for the boy is good.. easy to adapt..
    the woman will be happy, the man is happy.. the child is happy..

    what more does one need..

    she is smart and she is right.. and is looking out for herself and her son and her man..

    Atta girl Ganga !! :)

  • Shreyansh

    IS she educated? if not she should marry that guy and tell him to write her story and sell it to Colors, Zee or Star Plus. They can surely make a 3 yr long serial on it, u never know they might even cast her! Imagine we the twists & turns- Immigration, child marriage, caste differences, sacrfice of/for parents etc etc….
    We can name the serial Pavitra Ganga! or Ganga ki Kashish! or Ganga! Ek Punar Janam!

  • freya

    Thanks for that Shreyansh :)
    She isn’t married and this definitely sounds like a great plan. Maybe I should tell her to hire me as her onscreen manager/agent 😀

  • freya

    I agree Pallavi but the rational side of me makes me also question the practicality of marrying a man who isn’t even working yet… And there is an extra mouth of feed.

    Its a chance or gamble at happiness… And yet I also know that life in its entirety is a gamble. hmmm… 😀

  • If she trust the guy, and is sure that he loves her and WILL LOVE the baby… Marry him, I say!