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Bandh Baaja Bangalore and Challenge ‘My Vote’

**** Disclaimer – These are my opinions and my opinions only. If you don’t like them, feel free to express your opinion, I’d be glad to hear you out. If you feel the same way as me, please tell me your thoughts in comments. If you feel insulted as a pro BJP person, please go elsewhere, I’m not gonna care; ever. All comments to this post WILL BE MODERATED.

I was just whining about the bandh not letting me get my dogs home today and how BJP is a lousy party and was just being a pain-in-the-arse that would not bring it into power again. After all look at it, to me its clear there is some corruption done by mister Yedi so all this is just drama and hassle for the public. The question is how much but him being big minister the amount also will be big, anyless would hurt his ego.

Anyway, to this Che (my hubby) got to telling me about the ground level work done by the BJP and he thinks they’ve done more locally for us than the Congress and JDS earlier. And yeah, I have to agree with him. That said I still am not sure I like BJP or will support them. Their policies and stand is just not pro women. To me that is an issue close to my heart; call me a feminist but I do care about my safety and security. I care about my freedom of speech and expression, even in clothing.

This got Che to challenge me, and I love challenges so it’s on. Now the challenge is to shift my polling station from RT Nagar to Kodichikanahalli for the next election. Check out the people standing from my area for election. Read their manifestos and ask questions. Only then decide who gets my vote.

It’s the first time I will research the person, until now I have always voted party. Che has a point; if I do not take interest in local politics around my home how can I whine about state and center politics. Where is my involvement? As a democracy the power lies with the people but we aren’t exercising this power in an educated manner, at least I haven’t until now.

So the challenge is to vote this time with full knowledge of what I am voting into power, just what the candidate will do, has done and question everything to be done in future. I DO HAVE A SAY in this country; its mine after all.

Wanna take it up too? 🙂

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