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Android Apps I use Everyday

About six months ago I got my first Android phone the Samsung Galaxy 3 and it changed the way I used my phone. I had used smart phones before this but the Android just made everything so simple. It wasn’t long before I moved onto the Android Nexus One. With a little bit of initial hard work to set-up the phone you have a little buddy who does almost all you need (just wish there was an app to wash vessels :D)

Here are a few work and fun apps I have come to love; starting with the ones from Google.


If you have set-up up your Gmail account right with Labels and Filters, email on the go becomes so easy. Set-up your contacts well on Gmail; this takes time but once done you know that you will never lose it. You may lose your phone but never your data; to me this is the best part of the Android. All your data is on the cloud so you can feel free to lose your phone 😀

Setting up your contacts has other benefits as the phone can then sync with Gmail, Facebook and Twitter to give you photos and updates from them in the contacts list.

Google offers other apps too like Calendar which syncs with your Google calendar, which in turn can sync with your Outlook Calendar. (Mobile GA) Google Analytics on the go, the recent Google Reader which does a neat job with RSS feeds. Google Latitude to map and track your friends and Google Sky Map for those nights when you’re camping out.


Mobile GA

Google Reader

Google Sky Maps


If you use Hootsuite for Twitter, the app does a great job of syncing with the online version and staying updated. Though I have had issues with scheduling updates on the phone, I like the amount of options and data it provides from twitter. The app recreates most of the online experience and hence makes transition between computer and phone very easy.



Hootsuite has always been my first choice but Seemic’s latest update has given me second thoughts. If you have a Facebook Page (not Facebook Profile) the Facebook app is no great help as it does not offer page access. However Seemic now supports Facebook in a way that gives access to Pages. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. Now you can follow conversations on your page and even leave comments without breaking a sweat.

The Seesmic app also now allows multiple widgets so you can get updates from more than one social account on your home screen. Seesmic seems to be supporting the most number of social networks currently.



For personal use this app is great. With each update it seems to get cleaner and better. You can view news feed, photos, friends, groups, messages and even chat. But if you are marketing on Facebook with Pages, this app is limiting and does not offer access to pages.

Evernote is a neat app to keep all your notes together. You can also copy paste from the internet onto Evernote on your computer and the app will sync with it. I find it great when I need to be away from the computer in the kitchen and still access the recipe I found online.


TM World

If you work with more than one time zone, this is a neat app. You can make your own list of time zones to show and use the time converter option to see times in different time zones simultaneously. It also has a home screen widget.

TM World

GetGlue & Foursquare

Foursquare is a location based social network. You can check-in to places and broadcast it so your friends know what you’re upto. If you’re someone who moves around a lot you’ll have fun with this app. You can collect badges and mayorships by checking-in. Some places like Coffee Day even offer specials to their Mayors.


GetGlue is an interest based network. I have started to prefer it to Foursquare because I don’t go out that much and I’m bored of being the Mayor of our Local JustBooks Library. GetGlue lets me check-in to movies, shows, music, books, video games and even topics I’m thinking of currently. With it I can connect with people of similar interests a lot more via ratings and comments.


Astrid & Producteev

Producteev from Google is an excellent task manager and it syncs well with Astrid on the phone to give you lists and reminders on the go.


These are some of the apps I use everyday. What apps do you recommend? What do you use?

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