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Memories: My Childhood in the 80’s and 90’s

I came across an email about 70’s in India and what it meant to the youth then. Some of the points got me thinking about my childhood. So, here are some anecdotes from my childhood.

Some of them you may identify with or remember and laugh. (Mom, if you’re reading this please remember am 31 now :D)

1. I secretly loved wearing my Mom’s bellbottoms, Dad’s wide collared shirts and Aunt’s circle skirt even though I may never have mentioned it since it wasn’t cool.

2. I read Chandamama in Hindi hoping to improve my spelling. And Wisdom to look smart.

3. I loved my first Hero pen to bits and proudly used my first double-decker pencil box for years before it was stolen with the Hero pen. Loved the second Hero to bits too.

4. The cone ice-cream was such a treat and it was sold only once a week at school. How I begged for an extra 5 rupees on Wednesdays.

5. Pink tuck and sticky toffee with nuts (Just can’t remember the name :D) was such a craze. At 50p it felt expensive but were so sticky and so fun.

6. Our own first phone was such a big deal. Until then I had to give our neighbours number to friends and that was so uncool.

7. My first cycle and a boy’s cycle at that had me feeling like a superstar at school. I was finally a role model for something 😀

8. Chitrahaar and the Sunday movie were must watches and I did homework and chores faster on Wednesdays and Sundays.

9. We had a black and white TV with a shutter. I’ve spent hours peeking though a gap in the shutters to watch TV without parents knowing or for a horror movie. Our cable guy showed horror in the afternoons and I sneaked a lot of them instead of homework after school while Mom picked bro. 😀

10. I’ve once run a fear after watching a horror movie and getting totally scared. There was no way I was telling Mom I sneaked a movie.

11. Our first colour TV and the Metro channel had us so excited. And MTV as a program back then was banned at home 😀

12. I considered Indira Gandhi my ‘Mother’ for some weird reason 😛 and was so upset when she died.

13. I loved my tape playing walkman so much and didn’t go anywhere without it and a selection of tapes. My first English music experience was a collection of Dicso ’83 and a borrowed tape on Gun n’ Roses. I still have and love the Disco ’83 collection.

14. We hardly even when to a theater so getting to watch HAHK on big screen was such a big deal and that was only after Dad started to feel left out when everyone at work kept humming songs and talking about the movie.

15. My first camera was my prized possession even if I didn’t really know how to use it. It used the 24 shot reel and had to be wound forward. I shot 36 photos on the first 12 frames thinking I had to move forward only a point rather than a number.

16. I love hopscotch or ‘butch’ as we called it and played hours of rubber-band (French Skipping) even if it was with chairs.

17. The library hour was my favourite period of the school week. I’ve found untold treasures here. I’ve read the unabridged Arabian Nights in school and returned it because it seemed weird. For those who don’t know, its porn and I was 12.

18. I loved cricket because it meant the family watched and I could claim to study behind closed doors to concentrate – of course concentrate on a novel and not text books.

19. I’ve sneaked adult late night movies with Granddad. I didn’t tell on him and he didn’t tell on me was our secret unspoken deal. I mastered the art of walking with ankets on without making a sound and putting on the TV while hitting the mute instantly to sneak a lot of late night TV.

20. I was always happy to clean my parents bedroom. After all that’s where the liquor was stashed 😀

Someday I’ll read this list and have a good laugh. 🙂 What moments from childhood do you remember?

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