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The Rann of Kutch – A Photo Tribute

A friend who is planning a trip to the Rann called the other day and the call took me down memory lane. My experience of the Rann or Land of White Souls ranks second to only the Himalayas. The Rann is an experience you will never forget, its leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and yet humbles you with the power of nature and just much you are the mercy of it.

I did do a write-up after the ride and you can read it here but the photo service I used back then has disappeared, so here are a few photos.
If you want to read up on the Rann you can read about it here on Wikipedia.

The Rann is so vast and sees such extreme temperatures that if a local is lost in it, no search is done. They are just considered lost and the locals call those lost in the Rann white souls. The Greater Rann borders Pakistan and the Indian Army here cannot patrol the border all the time. The patrol method is to walk the border on camels in the early morn and if footprints are seen, a search is set-up to check who crossed the border at night. (This I heard from locals but ofcourse there was no way for me to verify it but having seen the Rann I believe them.)

Sunset at Tikar


Salt Pans in the Rann

Salt Pans that Look like a Mirage

The Real Wild Ass and Other Asses

Boats used when the Rann Floods

Riding in the Rann

The Rann, Musafir and Me

The Rann, Musafir and Me

A Chakara - the local transport

Local Fauna in Rann

The Line-up

Line-up with a Chakara

The Land in the Rann

The Land and Modern Art

Me and the Rann

Salt Pans in the Small Rann

Salt Pans

Small Rann

The Rann from Varnu

Varnu and the Small Rann

Sunrise at Kala Dungar

The Greater Rann from Kala Dungar

India Bridge in Greater Rann separating India and Pakistan

The Dattatreya Temple on Kala Dungar

Arrow Straight Road between Kala Dungar and Bhuj for about 100km

170 km for the first time

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