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9 Reason Why If You Are A Reader, You Should be on GoodReads

If you read books and/or are a book-lover, you should be on Here’s why –

1. GoodReads is a networking site for book people. Doesn’t matter what type of book; you are likely to find someone who loves the same type here.

2. GoodReads is a great way to track the books you’ve read over the years. I sometimes forget which books I’ve read, especially after about 10-12 years. GoodReads is a boon for that; that is if it lasts 10-12 years!

3. You can check out the reviews and rating of books before you pick it up. The stats here are a great indicator of the quality of the book. GoodReads also has apps for the mobile to you can access it anywhere, even the book store or library.

4. You can rate and review each book you have read. The review or your book notes are useful when you look back and wonder about a book after a while. I’ve been reading a lot of romance and after a while I forget if I have read the book or what I thought of it.

5. GoodReads has 3 main shelves – Read, Currently-reading and to-read. I find the to-read shelf very helpful to track my future reads. The Read shelf is great to track all the books I have read. You can also create additional shelves to categorise your books. I have an eBooks shelf and a DNF (Did Not Finish).

6. You can take part in Reading Challenges, Win Books from Authors (First Reads) and Vote for Books.

7. GoodReads has a lot of groups and it’s quite easy to find one that suits you. In all my friends I can count the book-reading ones on my fingers. That’s how few readers I knew growing up. But GoodReads gives me the change to connect with people who love the books I do. In a group you can discuss books, authors, and even take part in reading challenges.

8. If groups are not your thing, each book has a discussion space where you can talk about the book with other readers.

9. I also like the Never-Ending Quiz. It never ends and you can play it whenever you feel like it!

On the whole GoodReads is a great site for readers. The trends and stats you see about your reading over time is interesting to put it mildly. I’m yet to give Shelfari a full trial and it maybe better (do you use it?) but for now I highly recommend GoodReads.

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