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How To Add a GoodReads Widget to Your WordPress Blog

GoodReads has some neat book reader widgets for blogs. You can share information about the books you are reading, books on your shelf, your updates, your reading challenge and more.

To check out what widgets are available for your blog, click on the Edit Profile option in the drop-down next to your Profile Photo.

On your My Account Page select the Widgets tab.

You can now choose the widget you want. You can also specify which shelf would be shown in the widget and other details.

1. If the Preview shown matches what you want for your blog, copy the code.

2. Now go to the Widgets section in your WordPress blog. The Widgets option is in the Left Column under Appearance on your WordPress Dashboard.

3. Based on your Blog Template you will see your Sidebars listed on the right of the page. I have three hence they are listed as Sidebar 1, Sidebar 2 and Sidebar 3.

4. Choose which sidebar you want the badge to show in.

5. Now drag the TEXT widget into the Sidebar and paste the code into the TEXT dropdown. (You can use a few HTML codes to create space between plugins and to add comments). If you already have the TEXT widget in the sidebar you can go ahead and add the code. List the blocks of code based on the order you want the widgets shown on your blog.

6. Click the Save option in the Dropdown and you’re done. Now check the widget on your blog to make sure it’s showing as you’d like it to, else change the options you selected and replace the code with the new code generated.

And voila, you have a badge on your blog. I’ve added two GoodReads widgets to my blog – The 2012 Reading Challenge and The Most Reacent Books I’ve Read. Like them? Are you using a GoodReads widget? Which one did you like most?

Update (16/Jun/’13): WordPress usually gives trouble with javascript and flash and that’s what the GoodReads widgets are based on. I don’t remember clearly now but I do remember having some trouble when setting up my widgets. My Challenge widget doesn’t update for days sometimes, even now. So if you have trouble you could maybe just try another widget?
I came across this alternative way to set-up a Goodreads widget as a wordpress plugin. Maybe this will work for you. You could also complaint and ask for more help on the Bugs group discussion on Goodreads. It seems to be an active discussion with the guys at Goodreads helping out. You’d have to join the group first though.
Thanks to Gail Armstrong for sparking off this extra research with her question 🙂

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