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Its a downer day!

Some days are just not great. All is well with the world and there’s good things happening around you but there’s just something, a little niggly-wiggly something that makes the day not great.

Today is that kind of day for me. I just don’t feel on top of the world, more like the bottom of the hill. It a good day – sun shinning, clear skies, smiles and all that but there’s just something thats making me feel down. Its a downer day!

But I have a remedy for that :) I have this lovely dress that just makes me feel great. Its a little green-blue-yellow stripped dress I picked up a few years ago. I loved it the minute I saw it. It was meant for nine years olds but hey, why should that stop me. A little alteration and it fit me just fine.

I love its colours and twirly-ness. Wearing it just makes me feel like dancing so its perfect for a down day. Every time I start to sink the skirt swishes and makes me smile. The dress makes me feel like I’m twirling in the middle of a yellow field. (Guess thats my idea of simple pure joy). it doesn’t make the day a great one but it does make it better.

Its my getaway to my secret place. We all have those, right? Little things – photos, postcards, mementoes – things that take us away to that happy place. Do you have a getaway? Something to take you away for just a bit? Something that will smooth away all wrongs for just a bit? Make the world alright even if its just for a bit?

Photo Credit: Eye4Art

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