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Routines and Patterns

The last week has been a quiet restful week with a lot of laziness. The fatigue caught up after we returned and I spent a lot of time with my feet up. Didn’t get all my blog posts out but did get a lot of reading done.

Saturday saw us getting really busy – the house getting cleaned and organised before the dogs came back. Oh yes the highlight of the week is the dogs are back! Life now falls back into a routine with the dogs causing sweet distraction.

The dogs aren’t really very demanding but they force us in to routines and patterns. I’m someone who doesn’t like routines and patterns, they bore me and I keep trying to escape them. But with the dogs I have to fit into some form of schedule.

Routine (Definition): A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program. A set of customary and often mechanically performed procedures or activities.

The dogs have to be fed on time, which means the meat has to be taken out to thaw or kibble soaked on time. It isn’t a huge chore but it still is a to-do and I hate to-dos. (Don’t think anyone likes them :D) The dogs require certain things to be done regularly – food, check-up, pooper-scooper, exercise… Like I said it isn’t a lot but with them around things get done, it can’t be pushed to tomorrow.

I’ve had this internal to-do battle for a while now. I don’t like the routine but still try to stick with it. When I miss, I feel guilty – three dogs looking up at you saying ‘where’s my food?’ – only makes you guiltier. That said I’m glad they bring routine to my life, I get a lot more done with them around.

I’ve seen that with kids too. Easy to skip a meal when its just you but try getting a kid to skip a meal and you’ll bring the roof down. They live a timed life and force you into their timelines. In some obscure convoluted way its a good thing they bring order to chaos else you’d have a lot of lazy people like me. 😀

But is lazy bad? After all we have but one life, why get so busy? Do you follow a routine? Do you like the routine? Need dogs or kids to enforce the routine?

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