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Book Review: The Cinderella Curse by J.L. Penn

Title: The Cinderella Curse
Author: J.L. Penn
Paperback: 68 pages
Publisher: Kindle Edition(March 15th 2010)
Genre: Romance
Read: eBook
Stars: ****/5
Buy On: Amazon
Summary: (Amazon)
Cindy had a fairy tale life – well, not literally – but she was pretty and popular. Then one fateful autumn day, while picking apples, she encountered a real-life witch. After accidentally clocking the witch on the head with her basket of apples, the angry witch put a spell on her. As Cindy would soon find out, she was destined to live out her nights turning into a pumpkin at midnight. Talk about a crimp in your social life!

There is only one antidote for Cindy’s terrible curse – if only she knew what it was. Hilarity ensues as Cindy attempts to lead a normal life as a part-time pumpkin.

My Review:

Kindle Freebie: Thanks J.L. Penn 🙂

The blurb of the book says it’s a hilarious tale, so when I was looking for a new book to read and wanted something light and fun, this seemed like a good choice. And it was!

One day while picking apples Cindy drops her basket of apples on the head of a witch who promptly curses her. Poor Cindy now turns into a pumpkin every night at midnight. Now that’s a unique take on Cinderella!

The story is about how Cindy deals with life while turning into a pumpkin. She finds herself in a lot of awkward situations and has a lot of explaining to do – like when she turns into a pumpkin at the store and is found in the morning sleeping on a pile of pumpkins 🙂 Her friend Lexi helps her get out of a few sticky situations and together they try to find a cure. While all this is happening Cindy continues dating and of course this leads to more tight spots.

Will Cindy find a cure and the love of her life or will she have to end every date before midnight?

The Cinderella Curse is a quick read and it made me laugh – a lot. It’s a light non-serious book that’s great for a lazy afternoon.

Buy On: Amazon

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