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All I Want To Know About Cycling

Now that I’ve announced that I’m an official blogger at TfN I need to start getting my act together. What will I write about when it comes to TfN? TfN’s in December, that means two months of learning before I get there so I don’t look like an ass 😀

Considering that I don’t know much about cycling, here’s the check-list of what I’d like to know. (I’ll keep adding)

  1. What is TfN all about?
  2. What types of cycles are there? How are they different?
  3. What are the different types of cycling?
  4. What does touring on cycles entail?
  5. How to choose a cycle?
  6. What do cycle riders need to know?
  7. How to eat for cycling?
  8. How to plan and prepare for touring?
  9. Cycling terminology?

What else do you think I should know? Any tips for me? :)

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