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I’m an Official Blogger at TfN 2012 :)

It all started with Chenthil, like a lot of things do 🙂

Che cycles and I find it amazing to see him come back all exhilarated. He cycles maybe a maximum of 50 km, that’s 50 km! It should be tiring with all the undulations and bad roads, it should be exhausting with legs groaning but he seems invigorated. To me its a paradox. I’ve been into sports all my life so I understand the exhilaration he feels, I’ve felt it too. But now well over 30 do I really want to do that to myself?

Then last year Che went along with TfN as official photographer. The conversations we had over the 8 days of tour were, simply put ‘wierd’. He talked about carbon frames, fixies, bonking and more. And he came back gushing! For days after he wouldn’t stop talking about the scenic routes, the curves and climbs, the riders and their endurance, their ages, the cycles, the food,… Oh! I can go on 🙂

My curiosity piqued, I wanted to know more about why people push themselves. Its a high no doubt but what makes people want that high, why do people want to cycle up a mountain, why do people want to cycle?

I wanted to experience TfN, see the high with my own eyes. So this year when Che started talking about TfN 2012 I asked if I could travel along and blog about it. The guys at TfN graciously said yes. I’m going to TfN this year and I’m not cycling it! Yay! 😀

Ok, I’m all set to travel but what do I know about cycling? Last I cycled was in school, agreed it was the coolest bike with both front and back shock absorbers and a boy’s cycle at that, still back then I was 16 and in my prime 😛 A few years back I thought to try it again and borrowed a friends cycle. Day 1 saw me cycle across the city in one gear fearing for my life and Day 2 had me throwing in the spade at the Windsor Manor climb. So what do I know about cycling?

Being an official blogger isn’t easy, you have to do justice to the event. When its a sport, its tougher. You have to cover so much. I needed a voice, a story. I’ve been wondering about this for a while now. I read up on cycling, TfN, articles about TfN, cyclists blogs,… and still I don’t seem to know it. Ah, don’t mistake, I know about it just don’t know know it, you know. Its the experiential that missing.

That’s my voice – my story. I’m an outsider and my story’s from this side of the fence as I watch TfN 2012 unfold. Along the journey I hope to learn more about cycles, touring, TfN, cycling terminology, what cyclists eat, what makes them tick and much more.

Hope you join me as I watch them ride | suffer | brag 🙂

8 days of TfN through three states and national parks this years starts December 16th. Sadly its full. But this year the TfN guys have a special – Entrée. So if you can’t/didn’t make it to the full tour you can join us for a 3 nights 2 days ride through the Nilgiris. You can know more and register here.

Video Courtesy – Venky | Video Shot by – Chenthil (ChePhoto)

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