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Review: Where’s My Water?

The whole of last week I’ve been playing ‘Where’s My Water?’ every spare minute I got. I don’t usually get hooked to games so this was a pleasant surprise. I first played ‘Where’s My Water?’ on a friends tablet and enjoyed it so much that I got the free version for my Android Nexus One. I finished the free version in no time at all and paid for the full version.

So what’s the game about? The game requires getting Swampy the alligator enough water to have a shower. Each level has obstacles of different kinds (algae, purple poison, green ooze, etc.) and you have to figure out the best way to guide the water across to Swampy in the least amount of time. Each level also has three rubber ducks to be got that unlock new levels and some levels have collectibles that unlock bonus games.

Before I go into all I liked about the game, here are a few things I didn’t like –
My Nexus One has a small screen (well, smaller than the new phones coming out) and some levels are really tough to play on it. I’m yet to finish level 18 in the ‘Boiling Point’ chapter. It requires some precision and on a small screen its difficult to get it right. The other thing is that playing for extended periods gave me a headache. Also the game seems to eat up battery like crazy even with the sound and music off.

I like challenging games and this one challenges in two ways. One its logical, I had to think and plan each level out to get it right. The other is that playing requires precision work and even multiple finger movement. The graphics of the game are great with little stories at the start of each chapter. The game is all about movement of fluids and the physics of that has been dealt with really well – it does move like water. 🙂 This is one addictive game!

Currently there are 10 chapters with 20 levels each.
Meet Swampy
Troubled Waters
Under Pressure
Sink or Swim
Change is Good
Boiling Point
Stretched Thin
Caution to the Wind
Rising Tide
Out to Dry

Each chapter has 6 collectibles that unlock two bonus levels per chapter. These bonus levels use the motion of the phone to move the water and complete the level. There are also 86 achievements to be won. Most of them are fairly easy and can be got as you play the game. Here are the ones I found tricky to find and finish.

Embarrassed – Make Swampy hide behind the shower curtain. (Click on Swampy during the levels to make him do different action. One of them is hiding behind the curtain.)
Quick Finish – Finish Level 3-17 with at least 430 Time Bonus Points.
Confidence – Finish Level 2-7 with a single, uninterrupted cut.
Good to the Last Drop – Complete Level 2-9 without losing any water.
Tri-Duck Dash – Tri-Duck Level 5-17 with at least 430 Time Bonus points.
Out of this World – Find the Planetarium. (In the Achievements section pull down on the screen so the frames move towards the bottom. Tap on the Saturn doodle with your other finger.)
Quick Finish 2 – Finish Level C1-5 with at least 500 Time Bonus Points.
Taste for Destruction – Find the Mining Laser.
Tri-Ducked “10 Days of Swampy” – Complete all levels with 3-ducks in “10 Days of Swampy”.
Tri-Ducked “Hearts and Crafts” – Complete all levels with 3-ducks in “Hearts and Crafts”.
Played for 10 Days – Play the game on 10 consecutive days.
Tri-Ducked “Days of Summer” – Complete all levels with 3-ducks in “Days of Summer”.

Read more about the game here.
You can find tips, tricks and cheats to the game here.

Since I’ve finished all chapters as of now, the challenge remaining is to complete all achievements. Then of course there are more games to be played from Disney – The Lost Levels, Cranky’s Story, Mystery Duck and Where’s My Perry.

Have you played Where’s my Water? If you haven’t you should try it out, its fun. Way more fun than Angry Birds 😀 What are you playing on your Android?

Photo Credits: Wikipedia and Disney

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