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TfN: Day 5: An Entrée and A Proposal

It’s been a quite day today on the TfN tour. Some cyclists had gone into Ooty while others were resting or catching up with friends. It’s been quiet on all fronts. The only highlights of the day being Ashwin’s proposal to Usha just before the TfN group photo and the Entrée ride.

Here are a few photos from both and since pictures speak louder than words, I’m going to shut up 😀

Remember the Timing Turk who stuck that camera in my face on day 2. Well, Vasu’s done a quick write up about cycles seen through the years at TfN. Now with my theoretical knowledge of cycles this is something I cannot do or atleast not anytime soon so, go on, read the Timing Turk’s take on it.

In the first year of TFN we had the beautiful Colnago bikes.  Of course the star of the tour was Rajesh’s red bike. I am forgetting whether he was riding the Colnago – Ferrari or whether it was the Pinarello. That year most other bikes were either Trek or Merida MTBs. Then there was a Specialized – Seema Tiwari and Vivek’s (Kynkyny) Mongoose. He rides a Specialized these days though 🙂 In the first year the spare bikes were donated by community members too – those were either Merida or Trek MTBs again. Then there was the Moulton, made famous by Georg Leuzinger. I still remember the stares that little bike got. There was Ravi Ranjan’s Orbea and I think that one was the only Orbea that year. Nelly was on his Specialized Allez and I think Dickie Saluja was riding a Bianchi. Not sure which bike was Siva riding that year.

The second year of TFN saw more road bikes than MTBs. There were Trek and Merida road bikes this time. The couple of interesting bikes were Suma’s Motobecane, Shay Mandel’s bike – I think it was a Israeli make. Chivas Regal was probably on his Lemond that year (Siva got upgraded from Siva to Chivas Regal on that ride) Dr. Bhateja was on his Merida road bike, Sridhar on a Cervelo, a couple of Bianchi’s, Colnago again – Mr. Bhaskar Rao and Anand Mulky, and there was a Surly too – that lady from Hyd. It was a nice black Surly with bar end shifters and a leather bar tape (?). Then there was Mr. Alex on his Trek 4300, Muthu on that full carbon Giant. I think that Giant is on its 4th TFN now – 1st with Muthu and 3 more times with Arun. There was that classic Italian Fanini bike, a steel beauty. I still remember the cranks on that bike.. they were pieces of art, in steel. If you meet one Mr. Arun D’Silva you should ask him about it. That year we had several hybrids as well – Trek 7100, Cannondale Quick 5 (Anita, Nischal, Reena, Yogesh), Venkat (CW founder) on his blue Giant.

Third TFN – couldn’t go. Didn’t have enough leaves from office. The B’Twin Sport 1 bikes were available in the market by then so I am guessing a few of those would have made it to TFN as well.

In the fourth year of TFN we had Rajesh’s Pinarello, Mark’s Neuvation, Sreekanth’s Specialized S Works, a Litespeed with Mavic R Sys rims and carbon spokes – yeah they were carbon spokes and super light, Venky’s Bulldog, Chivas Regal’s Scott, Dr. Bhateja’s Look (with Psimet wheels?), Akshay’s Pinarello, Jeff’s steel bike, Hari on his Italian steed – Willier, a bunch of Cannondale’s, Bianchi’s and Sport 1’s, one or two Orbea bikes and the usual mix of MTB’s and Hybrids. We had Specialized again – Erik and I think Sumit Pal too. I’m forgetting what was Guadzilla’s bike.. I think it was a Ridley. Then there was Cycle India’s blue color bike too. Again, I am forgetting what it was. Chacko Cherian had that carbon Scattante. Last but not the least we had Sandeep’s all steel Bianche Volpe.

This year we have a few interesting bikes on the TFN – Gazelle (the owner now wants a Van Nicholas though), GuruFocus, Scattante, LeMond, few Scott bikes, Pinarello, LapierreBergamont, Specialized Roubaix, Trek 1.5 (white and green – this is the 2nd Trek white and green to do a TFN. The first was in 2009 and the rider was Anand Avati. I know this because this one is a very rare model to find in these parts. There are only a handful of these). Trek Domane and Trek Madone, both. There is a Kuota on tour as well. Manish’s Look is doing its second TFN (first time it was ridden by Muthu Kumar).

To conclude let me share my personal feeling about a bike…. when you buy a bike… get a great bike. Save up for the bike and buy the best you can afford. With my experience I have seen a great bike can do much more to you than you can do to the bike. This is very much unlike a car or any other expensive purchase. A bike changes you as a person. Always get the best.

Dialogue of the Day

Overheard over Lunch: Cycling is suffering, some suffer at 50 and some at 20 km/hour, but all are suffering.

It may have been quite but it definitely wasn’t quiet on the inside of the rider camp. For more rider inside stories don’t forget to read Venky’s Monkey Musings Day 5.

Two Wheeled Trivia Of The Day

The British Royal Mail first started using bicycles in 1880; now bicycle delivery fleets include 37,000 in the UK, 25,700 in Germany, 10,500 in Hungary and 7000 in Sweden.

Today’s Pedaled Patois

A rider is said to have ‘Bonked’, ‘Cracked’ or ‘Hit the Wall’ when he completely runs out of strength or energy on a long ride.

Sponsor Spotlight

GPS Tracking Partner

The Beacon sponsored GPS Trackers will help guide the cyclists along the proper route and help organisers identify cyclist locations through out the Tour of Nilgiris Cycling Event.

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