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Posts from — April 2014

M for Mike, M for More, Maza

I’ve been thinking of a word with ‘M’ since last night and have been putting of writing all day. Choosing a word with M just seems so difficult.

This morning I gave up racking my brains and even searched Google for words. I found a few that sounded good – Meaning, Motivation, Miracle, Magic, Making a difference, Mastery, Meditation, Mojo and Maza. But none of them rang that bell. And so I put of writing all day as I juggled words.

Meaning Sure, my life sure needs meaning right now. I don’t need 15 year plans but I’d really like to figure out the meaning of life in washing vessels.

Motivation Oh this one I need by the bucket loads. Just being regular with my A to Z Challenge is a challenge. I’m proud of getting to the 13th letter and post with this one but I need to push in other areas now too.

Miracle It’s all about the miracle of life and everything around us. You know that spiel…

Magic Now this one was a topper on my list. The life I lead is like magic, even though most times I don’t see the pixie dust.

Making a DifferenceI ain’t all that hung up about changing the world and all. I try to make a difference around me (which also blows up a lot in my face) or atleast I try too. But the work that got me here was Make.

MakeThis I want to do a lot of. I want to make more time for myself to make a lot of things. This one I really want to do this year. I miss my craft and I keep planing to do some everyday but it just gets put off for something or the other. I need to make up my mind and make time for this ASAP. 😛

Mastery I’m a jack and I like it. It means I have a varied amount of knowledge even if I don’t know everything about one thing. But I’m wondering if mastery is a good thing for some skills…

Meditation I need to get back to regular meditation and mudras. I’ll tell you another time about my time at Vipassana and how it impacted my life.

Mojo I mean, come on, do I even have to explain . 😀

Maza This hindi word is something I want this year to be packed with in loadfuls. Maza encompasses very form of fun you can thing of, from the small tips to the fair to Disney Land, it’s all maza, and I want more.

Hmmm.. so that’s the list and I still can’t find a word that sticks out for me. Guess I’m going to settle for a tie between More and Maza. I do really want to make time to make more stuff this year whether it’s backing, cooking, gardening or craft, and doing all that will be, what maza I say. 🙂

But I also want to take time to do the little things that I suddenly feel like doing. Like today morning on my way back from the store with breakfast supplies as saw lots of red in the tree. I love Singapore Cherries but until today the caving hadn’t hit. This morning I stood outside the gate jumping about quite a bit eating berries. And it was yum and fun, with a little exercise. 😛 I need to do the small things that make me smile more often!

What word would you have chosen for me with ‘M’? For yourself?

April 30, 2014   1 Comment

L for Lima, L for Labour

Some days feel that loaded!

A lot of the work related to the dogs and house is labourious, some fun labour and some not so much, but either ways the labour has to be done.

Some days are just labourious days, on these days just the to-do list of the day makes me want to hide under the covers and not wake up. It’s not about the length of the to-do list, it’s about what’s on it. Meat sorting day, mopping day, changing sheets day are just some of the day’s when I hide under the covers wishing that the day would just miraculously happen without me.

Yeah right! Like that’s going to happen, how I wish the floor would get mopped, the meat bought, sorted and boxed and the sheets changed, washed and dried without my intervention. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so rather than push the chore to another day, I push myself out of bed to confront the day.

It takes a while for the grumbling in my head to fade away before sanity kicks in and I realise that times a-ticking. And I get to it. Some days I manage to get it all done without realising how much got done; some days just drag on and on, like they will never end.

Today was the former of days, I got a lot done and didn’t feel like it was a lot. Some thing I’ve been trying lately is to not think to much about the job and instead just plunge into it. Thinking about it too much just makes it all look bigger and more than it is, it also brings in negative thoughts about the job and people around.

So I make a clear to-do list with a route map for all jobs in my head and just go at it. Breaks between jobs are monitored closely, so I don’t slacken and kinda slip into lazy or too tired mode. I just keep attacking the list; along the list the route map gets realigned off and on but I work at it like it is a mission.

This seems to work coz before I’ve thought too much about it, the jobs are all done. And I have so much of the day for myself left. I even managed to have a leisurely bath after all that sweat and toil. And I feel great about getting all that done.

This method seems to be working for me, (thanks Vidya for the tip-off on long lists) and I’m going to keep trying to practice it. What do you do to help you on days when you have chores that are just physically draining? What do you use to get you though the day?

April 29, 2014   No Comments

K for Kilo, K for Kismet and A Rogue Elephant Review

Che and I had some work in town yesterday morning that took too long and caused me to call off an afternoon call. With no reason now to rush home we decided to have a nice lunch before turning homeward.

After some hunting on Zomato we came across The Rogue Elephant. We have been wanting to go to this one for ages, the last time we tried, we went to the one in Ulsoor, over a year ago. We reached to find it closed and people around said it had moved, we returned disappointed.

So yesterday when we came across it again and the address said Jayanagar, we were excited. The Rogue Elephant is easy to find if you are using Google maps.

On reaching there I was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint garden café, I was expecting a fancy structure with expensive decor, etc. But the Rogue Elephant is a simple old feel garden cafe. As you walk in there are antiques and sculpture lying around. I later found a little store inside too with some great antiques and organic stuff on sale.

A couple of tables are strewn on the lawn but most of them are tucked in under shelter on one side of the garden. After choosing a table and grabbing some menu cards we sat down to absorb the ambiance and select our dishes.

The menu has a variety of choices from Mediterranean to Indian. We started by tossing up between a salad and a soup. The salads listed sounded exotic and yum while the mystery of the soup of the day was enticing.

After consultation with Raju our host, we finalised on a Melon & Avocado Salad with Chicken along with Mango Smoothies as the first part of our meal. The word smoothie did more magic in the heat that the word soup. 🙂

The smoothies came quickly, followed by the salad a little later. After all the running about in the sun we had done, the smoothie and salad was the perfect cool down we needed. The smoothie was just right, not too sweet, not too mango-y, not too cold. As for the salad, I’ve never before tried the combination of melon, avocado, lettuce and chicken but now I’m a fan. The salad tossed in a yummy dressing had us contemplate licking the plate clean.

We were quite full already so again we turned to Raju for help. He suggested a dish of pan fried fish with lemon butter. I’m am fussy about fish, but these fillets were done just right. Not fishy yet tasty, with a buttery sauce that was so yum, I soaked my fish in it. There was also mashed potatoes and stir fried veggies, but I couldn’t take my tongue of the sauce.

Over all it was a lovely meal and I look forward to eating at the Rogue Elephant again. Great ambience, smiling service, yummy food and not hefty bill. It hits the spot on all parameters.

My only grouse was the four girls sitting at the table next to us. Rich teenagers, they were noisy but it was fun to eavesdrop through the meal and get an insight into their rich fancy lives. One thing I noticed: they didn’t talk boys much. 😛

I consider myself a rather modern minded, scientific girl but I do like believing in superstitions when they work in my favour and destiny. I believe everyone has a kismet (even the word sounds wonderful), a destiny that is worked out for them. I also believe each one’s kismet is in their own hands. The larger plan of our lives is already planned to fit the grand pattern/web of all things but we have control over the small things.

The destination and big stopovers are already chalked out, but we get to choose the route we take to get there.

And that’s where the Rogue Elephant fits in. It’s the small joys and things we do that make our kismet a happy one. A quite lunch together makes being together so much more joyful.

I need to remind myself to do more of these small things this year.

April 29, 2014   No Comments

J for Juliet, J for Josh

As sit at the Koyambed bus stand waiting for my bus, to start my journey home, I’m thinking of today’s post. But with that thought also come thoughts of my day today which isn’t yet over.

I had a fun day in Chennai meeting and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. But let me start at the beginning of the day.

Reaching here early morning I took a long bus ride across town to Tirvanmayur where Dosai lives. And there I got to meet Sam for the first time, and she is a doll. Like all babies I love, she doesn’t cry when I take her in my arms and so we chat a bit before it’s feeding time. Then she hogs while her parents and I chat.nbsp; Yeah yeah, it was a chatty morning. 😀

After a long overdue session of catching up over a couple of coffees, we get ready and head to Church. After all it’s why am here, today is the big day, Sam’s to be baptised.

St. Teresa’s is a fairly large church with a large congregation too it seems, as they were packed with back to back services. Sam’s baptism service was in Tamil so I didn’t understand much. But that said, a couple of things stood out for me in the service. The choir sang in English (except 1 Tamil song) and they sang well. I found myself looking forward to every musical break in the program.

The other was the professionalism with which it was all done. The service had a presentation that ran along side it so at all times even though I didn’t understand what was being said, I knew which part of the service we were in. And in all of this professionalism they got personal too, the priests called up two boys to the pulpit and the entire congregation sang happy birthday for them. 🙂

Then like all good things, even this one got better. We trouped out and into the hall for some good Biryani. And with lunch came more friends and more fun.

Now that my purpose of coming to Chennai was achieved, I started to think of making my way to Koyambed. The bus stop seemed off the route for everyone but Dosai didn’t blink when he said he’d take the detour to drop me. However he had a sleeping baby and a tired wife to take home so I didn’t feel like imposing and said so. ‘But’ , he said, you took a larger detour to come to Chennai.’ I just nodded and said ok as I felt tears well up.

After a two hour wait my bus has finally started the journey homeward with the Kannada movie ‘Lucky’ playing. Time for me to get back to the point.

‘Josh’ is a Hindi word that when translated into English loses some of it’s meaning. In Hindi it means infused, enthusiasm, energy, spirit, and passion. The word Josh has a lot of strength, and means more than any of these words mean singly.

Josh is what I felt today as I travelled to Chennai and back within 24 hours. Josh is what I felt as I caught up with friends and did all I did. Josh is what I feel as I type this post on my phone in a moving bus.

Josh is what I want this year ahead of mine to be filled with…

PS – Not home but we’re half way there 😀
PPS – ‘Lucky’ is a bad movie, not worth the time. But the songs might be topping charts, coz the guy next to me was singing along, loudly!

April 27, 2014   1 Comment

I for India, I for I

One quality I’ve found common to most mothers I know is selflessness. Mothers always put their children first, sometimes even the husband before themselves but the children always come first. It’s one of the reason’s I guess we love our mothers so much but I’ve been thinking, is such selflessness good?

There are different types of selflessness. One where you forget all about yourself and keep just giving, another is one where you are selfless but you also think of yourself, then there are others like conditional ones, situational ones, et all. But the one that interests me is the first. I’m trying to wrap my head around how someone can give so much without thinking of themselves. This is the image I have of my mother, this is the kind of woman I thought I should be when I grew up.

Now, I’m not so sure. Well, I don’t have children so, technically I am not a mother. But I have 5 dogs and I love them. When I’ve observed other parents I’ve noticed that the emotions I feel, my reactions and my bond with my dogs is not very different from theirs towards their children. I’m not saying my dogs feel what children feel for their parents but I definitely feel motherly towards my dogs.

Over the last four years the dogs slowly trickled in and their tribe grew until now they are 5 to me 1. When my first came in, she brought along with her demands on my time. Some of these demands were directly related to her and some indirectly. At that point all was fine, then slowly the numbers grew and so did the demands, now I feel like I have no time for myself. My day’s to-do list is brimming with more to-do’s for others then my own self.

Yeah, it’s true I don’t have much to-do’s from Che, but between the dogs and the house I’ve been swamped for a while. And after the day’s to-do’s are done, I just don’t have the energy to do something for myself. This ‘myself’ being pushed to the last of the list, constantly being last priority has grated on my nerves for a while now.

Then I watched ‘Queen’ a couple of days before my birthday. My biggest takeaway from that movie was to constantly remind myself to do something for myself. Keep telling myself – ‘I’ is kind,nbsp; ‘I’ is smart, ‘I’nbsp; is important. Over the last couple of months, I’d kind of given up on my hair and skin, so first stop out of the movie hall was BodyShop and Mac, where I treated myself to cremes, lip gloss and an eye-liner. And I’m proud to report that I’ve been using them all regularly. I’ve slipped a couple of times but 6 out of 7 days a week, I’ve taken care of my hair and skin. My skin actually does look better, even if I say so myself. 🙂

Now that I’ve managed that, this year I want to do more for myself. Not that I will stop doing stuff for the dogs and house but rather I’m going to try and make time for myself too. I want to get back to my craft, my reading, my travel and a lot more.

So, this year it’s about bringing the ‘I’ back into my life. 🙂

April 26, 2014   No Comments

H for Hotel, H for Hope

As I’ve got older I’ve noticed myself getting more and more cynical. The positives have become hazier with time and the negatives stand out. Any idea is first looked at from the perspective of what can go wrong rather than what can be right with it.

But life’s all about hope isn’t it. The hope of a new day, a better day. The hope of future, a better tomorrow. So, I can’t be giving up on hope, can I? Hence the choice of word for my year ahead. I’d like to learn to hope again, so see the positive and believe in it’s possibility.

At this point I walked away, I couldn’t figure out what to write further and so I left to water the garden while I hoped some thoughts would trickle into my blank mind. Did you catch that? Yeah, I hoped for thoughts and that hit me as I was carried buckets of water around the parking area.

I realised that if I couldn’t write about hope, then I was being hopeless and that made the topic even more important. It had to be written. Then of course the whole snake fiasco happened and the post got put off. But later as I lay in bed and scrolled through Facebook, I came across the words of Dalai Lama shared by a friend…

“The very purpose of our life is happiness, which is sustained by hope. We have no guarantee about the future, but we exist in the hope of something better. Hope means keeping going, thinking, ‘I can do this.’ It brings inner strength, self-confidence, the ability to do what you do honestly, truthfully and transparently.”

As I lay there it felt like the universe was screaming the word ‘HOPE’ at me. I mean come on, what are the odds of coming across something like this randomly on Facebook. Then there was the whole snake episode, that had me hoping so hard that the snake had stayed in it’s hiding place, that the snake catcher would get home in time, that he would find the snake and above all that none of us would get bitten by the snake.

I ain’t hopeless, I still have a lot of hope in me it seems. All is not lost yet, there is still hope for a hopeful me! 😀

April 24, 2014   No Comments

Oh Hell! It’s a Snake!

The Cobra Bagged!

We’ve had some drama here at home so ‘H’ is getting pushed to tomorrow. For now I want to talk about our current heart stopping adventure.

Over the last two months, I’ve taken to watering the garden in the evening between 4 and 5. That way the water stays in the ground longer before it evaporates in the heat. Today I was later than usual and it was 5:45 by the time I entered the garden. As I walked in to turn on the tap and pick up the pipe, I saw movement. I froze and looked again. As I watched a snaked climbed and slid into the exhaust of the wood oven that opens into the garden.

The guy was fairly fast but he took long enough for me to see he was a cobra and about a meter in length. I quickly walked back into the house and told Che about it. Then I went back out to finish watering the garden and keeping an eye on the snake while I also got on the phone and started making calls. I watched as the guy peeped a couple of times, and each time my heart beat went up a notch.

Che got doing what he’s good at, he went to Google and got the BBMP Forest Cell number. They asked him where we lived and directed him to call Jayraj who was closest to us. Jayraj when called asked me questions about the snake, where it was and what size the oven was. Me with my broken Kanada thought he was asking me snake dimensions so I promptly told him that it was a cobra and at least a meter in length (This misunderstanding I understood only after the snake was caught).

Jayraj asked for directions to our house, told us he would be there in 20 minutes and then went on to give me instructions on what to do while I waited for him to arrive. He confirmed that the snake was still inside the oven and then told me to stand at least 10 feet away and watch to see if the snake came back out. He told me not to provoke the snake, to keep quiet but watch the snake so he would know where to look when he came.

Che and I spent the next 20 minutes watching and waiting as darkness fell. We armed ourselves with a couple of torches and sticks and stood guard. Che even got his telephoto lens to keep a closer eye. 😛 Wonder what we would have done with a stick had the snake appeared, most probably tripped over it as we turned tail and ran. 😀

Anyway, we bravely stood a good 10 feet from the exhaust hole and waited, but this time we didn’t even see a peep. We started to wonder if the snake has managed to get out without us seeing it. But we waited as we had been instructed, there was nothing else to be done. Jayraj got to our place in 20 minutes as promised and I found my taut nerves relaxing a bit.

I showed him where I’d seen the snake and told him there was a bigger opening to the oven on the other side. Again he instructed me to stay put and watch the exhaust hole while he went around the house to the other side and checked through the larger opening with Che.

Of course this meant I missed the excitement of catching our first snake. Not that it lasted very long, Jayraj was quick, fast and good at what he did. Within minutes the snake was caught and bagged but not before Che got a photo.

Jayraj confirmed that the snake was a Spectacled Cobra and 4.5 feet in length. I got to see the snake in the bag aggressively hissing. Whoa, that hissing was scary, it’s a loud and angry sound that made my hair stand on end. I’m glad we did call and ask for him to be caught rather than live and let live in this case. The snake will be released in an area where there are less chances of a snake-human confrontation. That’s a win-win I think.

I’m also glad we found someone like Jayraj, who was very professional and good at what he did. He took the time to talk to us, show us and tell us about the snake, he also walked about the house and gave us tips to keep snakes out. I’ve got him on speed dial now but this is a win for Google too. Google search made finding him so much easier.

Now that I’ve seen and caught my first snake, I’ll be a little more confident the next time I have to deal with one when Che isn’t around. It’s also a good reminder to watch my step in the garden. I’m contemplating taking the dogs in there with me while am there, though I’m not sure if they will like the watering bit, or that I will like the doggie cleaning I’ll have to do after they have their fun in a wet garden.

Alright am rambling, but my nerves as still a bit a-jangle after our first snake adventure. 😀 Now I need to get to learning more about the big four found in India – the Indian Cobra, The Common Krait, The Russell’s Viper and the Saw-scaled Viper. More on what I learn later. 🙂

April 22, 2014   1 Comment

G for Golf, G for Gratitude

[This post is late and should have gone online yesterday but I had a bad migraine and couldn’t sit at the computer long enough to finish and post it. So it’s two posts today. 🙂 ]

There are a lot of days when I feel like I have nothing, I am nothing. Most days it’s a passing phase, and some days it’s lasts for a while but no matter which day, what makes me snap out of it are a list of beings. These beings make me smile and make life feel worth while.

Since my word for the year with ‘G’ is Gratitude, I figured I’d make a list of these beings so I can read it when I’m all down and out and snap out of it and smile sooner. 🙂

Mom and Me years ago

The first person I think I met in this world is my Mother and I’m glad I did. She is selfless, always offering her shoulder or advise when I’m ranty, and someone I still go running to when I’m hurt and upset. The days of scraped knees when she blew on the wound and made it feel better are long gone, but even today she makes me feel better with her magic. She has done so much for me over the years that, nothing I do will ever equate it, an infinite number of thank you’s will not be enough. I have learned so much from this extraordinary woman and I have still so much to learn. She reminds me of one of my favourite songs,

“You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine,
You make me happy,
When skys are grey.
You’ll never know dear.
How much I love you,
Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

When I grow up 😀 I’d like to be like my mother, if I can be even 50% the woman she is, I’d have achieved greatness I think.

My MIL and Me at my wedding

The saas-bahu serials on TV had me wishing from early in life that when I got married I get a good M-I-L. I must have prayed quite diligently coz I did get a great mother-in-law. She is so like my mother that when she’s around I don’t miss my own.

When Che and I got married we had a reception in Kovilpatti, a town near Madurai where Che hails from. The morning after the reception I tentatively stepped out of the room (while Che slept) wondering if I could sneak into the gift room and check stuff out until he woke up. Tip toeing my way across the floor I got to the room full of gifts without encountering anyone but as I stood at the door, my MIL looked up at me from inside where she was sitting in the middle of it all and said, “Ah, you’re awake, can we now open the gifts?”. An hour or so later when Che found us, we were sitting in the middle of gifts strewn around with silly grins on our faces. My MIL became my mother that day, how can she have not. That was one of my first impressions of her and even four years later, she continues to amaze me with all she understands and does.

I’m the lucky bum who didn’t get one mother, I got two. It’s a double whammy!

My Five

I still remember the days when Che and I talked about getting a dog but every time talked, we put it off saying this wasn’t the best time. Then one day in August 4 years ago, during a week of crazy torrential rains, Che found a puppy huddled near the dustbin outside our apartment, shivering. He picked it up and looked around for the mother, when he couldn’t find her he brought the puppy home to dry her off and get some food in her. Fifteen minutes later he was looking at me with puppy eyes that said, please can we keep her. The rest like they say is history.

Cuckoo was followed within months by Sentimeter, and then a year later by Buddha. I didn’t know when one dog became three and then five when William and Maximus joined us too. Today I have five dogs and I’m working hard at keeping that number from increasing. 😀

These five fill my life with such joy, only people with dogs will know what it feels like. When I wake up in the morning I have 5 dogs vying for my attention, so happy to see me, thumping their tails with such vigour that sometimes I worry for the grandfather clock that loses or gains time every morning when they thump it. When I’m down in the dumps and no-one and nothing can make me feel better, these five can make the sun come out again. They know just what it would take to make me happy again.

Even when they do something wrong it’s so difficult to be angry with them. Try it, try being angry with someone who looks at you with such unadulterated love while you are screaming your head off. My dogs are my life, there is nothing in the world I wouldn’t give up for them. Nothing!

Bro and Me years ago when I still could bully him

Making this list, I wondered who else would be on it and one name kept popping up and that’s my brother. The little kid I bullied, who bullied me in turn a few years later has grown into a man I’m proud of. Thoughtful, caring, soft-hearted, kind are just some words that describe him. His is the number on my speed dial coz I know he will always be there for me.

All us Grandkids with Gran on her 90th (except 1)

Then there are all my other brothers (coz using the word cousin wouldn’t be fair to how they treat me). Each one of them going out of their way for me with never a complain. As kids when they were around I’d be exasperated but today when they are around my heart smiles.

All those rakhi’s paid off, eh? 😛

The Entire Family on Gran's 90th

Then there’s my family and friends, who are just such amazing people. Looking back at myself growing up I see just the prick I was [not that am not one now :D] and yet these people have loved me all the way. Could I even ask for more.

Last but not the least is that man I married who makes my blood boil so much some days that I want to scream and pull my hair out and yet he remembers the small things I like, eats bland khichdi everyday without a complain when I’m ill coz if he ate spicy food I’d be tempted. He does things that amaze me and leave me speechless when I least expect it.

We don’t fight like cats and dogs, we fight like a mongoose and snake and yet without him I think life would be empty. Come on wouldn’t the mongoose miss the snake, where’s the fun for the mongoose if the snake’s gone. 😀

Gratitude is the right word, for I’m grateful, immensely grateful for the beings in my life. I must have done some pretty awesome stuff on my last life to have all these people in my life. No one gets this lucky, unless they deserve it. Knowing me I don’t know about that, but I do know I’m damn lucky and very grateful.

April 22, 2014   No Comments

F for Foxtrot, F for Friends

I can’t remember dates! It’s true, I’m terrible at remembering days and events. My family and friends know this and thankfully they are forgiving when I miss birthdays or don’t remember when something happened. With my terrible date memory there are birthday’s galore I miss wishing friends on. I don’t do it on purpose, I do try to remember but dates just slip my mind; I forget my own birthday and wedding anniversary almost every other year. The positive in all of this is I guess that I don’t hold people to dates. Che of course benefits the most coz there is no way he’ll get called up for forgetting a date (the first time we met, the day he proposed, our wedding date,…); after all I’ve forgotten it already. 😀

Friends are a gift, they make you feel better on a bad day, they listen to you rant when you’re not making sense at all, they rejoice with you even though they secretly think you are overdoing it, they lend a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong and don’t say ‘I told you so’, … the list would goes on and I’d run out of words before I’d finish listing out all friends do.

I didn’t have close friends through most of school. I had friends yes, but they were more acquaintances. I was quite a loner through school; I preferred books and their characters. Until about 3rd standard my school was a co-ed and I hung out with the boys, well, they were more fun. Then after, when it become all girls, I had a bad experience that just left me scarred. I didn’t know if I could trust people when they said they wanted to be friends, I was scared of letting fellow students get too close and hurting me again, it was simpler to just stay away and stay alone. I did find my first best friend in school though, years later in 9th standard. 🙂

But it was after leaving school that I started to understand and value friendship. Pre-university brought new people and new friends into my life, and I learned to trust people again (corny I know 😀 ). What it also taught me was that friends come and go and their coming and going is not to be held against them. That’s life, that’s how it plays out and we don’t always have control over these things. I learned that, what is more valuable than the person even, is the time friends spent together, that is what remains as beautiful memories, forever.

University saw me being a riot, the girl who was quiet through most of school was now progressively becoming boisterous; trying to make up for all those years of solitude and I haven’t stopped yet. 😀 Our gang in college was loud and always up to something. If we didn’t have something happening on the timetable, we were out and about doing other things. A lot of times we didn’t care for the timetable, the world outside the classroom was more fun. We barely scraped though with required attendance and even begged and pleaded when we fell short. But boy, did we have fun!

Those years were something else. Thinking back to all we did, makes me smile now, though back then some of it made my hair stand on end. My friends saw me though some of my best and worst days and not once did they judge. Oh well, some didn’t and we’re still friends today. 😀 We left college promising to stay in touch, to meet regularly, to continue to bring the roof down, and all that stuff but our lives took different paths and the big group became sub-groups. We still keep updated on each other though, in our own weird convoluted ways.

My first job was my last corporate job. I worked with the same company for 5 years before saying goodbye to the corporate world. But after 5 years when I left I had made friends for life. We’re still close today and it’s amazing how we all still connect. These girls are my only girly group, where I can be the tom-boy I am and be loved for it [I think ;)].

It was a friend from work who got me started on biking and with those two wheels a whole new world opened up. Those two wheels also brought along with them a host of new friends, from all across the country this time. And what amazing people they are. It’s a matter of pride for me today that there are very few cities in India where I don’t know someone. These are friends who not only accept me as I am, but when I suggest something weird or fantastical, they will either give me an encouraging nod or say, ‘Sounds good, let’s go’.

It was a friend from this group of friends that brought Che into my life and he in turn brought in the dogs. The dogs not to be left behind, brought in more two-legged friends who have been such a comfort and solace in the last few years. They are the ones who have helped me keep my sanity, both in marriage and with five dogs! 😀

Then of course last but not the least is my blog. I started it years ago as a place to vent, I wanted space to talk and rant. And rant I did, (if you haven’t seen some of my early posts, you should 😛 ) along with sharing stories from my life and travels. But I made friends here too inspite of my ranting. 🙂

I’m awestruck by the number of people in my life who I can call friends. They enrich my life in so many ways that, I lost count years ago. They encourage, chide, scold, hug, embarrass, listen, care, nurture, … and above all love me (I hope). 😀 It fills me with amazement and wonder that someone who spent her first 13 odd years fairly friendless is now overflowing with friends.

Someone who forever is forgetting dates still gets inundated with birthday messages and calls. It’s true, it took me two days and many tears of joy to reply to each message and call I received. I’m smiling wide right now coz I’m still amazed.

I haven’t named anyone here, but you know who you are, and all I’d like to say is – Friend, Thank You for being a part of my life, you make my life so much more beautiful. 🙂

April 19, 2014   1 Comment