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J for Juliet, J for Josh

As sit at the Koyambed bus stand waiting for my bus, to start my journey home, I’m thinking of today’s post. But with that thought also come thoughts of my day today which isn’t yet over.

I had a fun day in Chennai meeting and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. But let me start at the beginning of the day.

Reaching here early morning I took a long bus ride across town to Tirvanmayur where Dosai lives. And there I got to meet Sam for the first time, and she is a doll. Like all babies I love, she doesn’t cry when I take her in my arms and so we chat a bit before it’s feeding time. Then she hogs while her parents and I chat.nbsp; Yeah yeah, it was a chatty morning. 😀

After a long overdue session of catching up over a couple of coffees, we get ready and head to Church. After all it’s why am here, today is the big day, Sam’s to be baptised.

St. Teresa’s is a fairly large church with a large congregation too it seems, as they were packed with back to back services. Sam’s baptism service was in Tamil so I didn’t understand much. But that said, a couple of things stood out for me in the service. The choir sang in English (except 1 Tamil song) and they sang well. I found myself looking forward to every musical break in the program.

The other was the professionalism with which it was all done. The service had a presentation that ran along side it so at all times even though I didn’t understand what was being said, I knew which part of the service we were in. And in all of this professionalism they got personal too, the priests called up two boys to the pulpit and the entire congregation sang happy birthday for them. 🙂

Then like all good things, even this one got better. We trouped out and into the hall for some good Biryani. And with lunch came more friends and more fun.

Now that my purpose of coming to Chennai was achieved, I started to think of making my way to Koyambed. The bus stop seemed off the route for everyone but Dosai didn’t blink when he said he’d take the detour to drop me. However he had a sleeping baby and a tired wife to take home so I didn’t feel like imposing and said so. ‘But’ , he said, you took a larger detour to come to Chennai.’ I just nodded and said ok as I felt tears well up.

After a two hour wait my bus has finally started the journey homeward with the Kannada movie ‘Lucky’ playing. Time for me to get back to the point.

‘Josh’ is a Hindi word that when translated into English loses some of it’s meaning. In Hindi it means infused, enthusiasm, energy, spirit, and passion. The word Josh has a lot of strength, and means more than any of these words mean singly.

Josh is what I felt today as I travelled to Chennai and back within 24 hours. Josh is what I felt as I caught up with friends and did all I did. Josh is what I feel as I type this post on my phone in a moving bus.

Josh is what I want this year ahead of mine to be filled with…

PS – Not home but we’re half way there 😀
PPS – ‘Lucky’ is a bad movie, not worth the time. But the songs might be topping charts, coz the guy next to me was singing along, loudly!

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