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K for Kilo, K for Kismet and A Rogue Elephant Review

Che and I had some work in town yesterday morning that took too long and caused me to call off an afternoon call. With no reason now to rush home we decided to have a nice lunch before turning homeward.

After some hunting on Zomato we came across The Rogue Elephant. We have been wanting to go to this one for ages, the last time we tried, we went to the one in Ulsoor, over a year ago. We reached to find it closed and people around said it had moved, we returned disappointed.

So yesterday when we came across it again and the address said Jayanagar, we were excited. The Rogue Elephant is easy to find if you are using Google maps.

On reaching there I was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint garden café, I was expecting a fancy structure with expensive decor, etc. But the Rogue Elephant is a simple old feel garden cafe. As you walk in there are antiques and sculpture lying around. I later found a little store inside too with some great antiques and organic stuff on sale.

A couple of tables are strewn on the lawn but most of them are tucked in under shelter on one side of the garden. After choosing a table and grabbing some menu cards we sat down to absorb the ambiance and select our dishes.

The menu has a variety of choices from Mediterranean to Indian. We started by tossing up between a salad and a soup. The salads listed sounded exotic and yum while the mystery of the soup of the day was enticing.

After consultation with Raju our host, we finalised on a Melon & Avocado Salad with Chicken along with Mango Smoothies as the first part of our meal. The word smoothie did more magic in the heat that the word soup. 🙂

The smoothies came quickly, followed by the salad a little later. After all the running about in the sun we had done, the smoothie and salad was the perfect cool down we needed. The smoothie was just right, not too sweet, not too mango-y, not too cold. As for the salad, I’ve never before tried the combination of melon, avocado, lettuce and chicken but now I’m a fan. The salad tossed in a yummy dressing had us contemplate licking the plate clean.

We were quite full already so again we turned to Raju for help. He suggested a dish of pan fried fish with lemon butter. I’m am fussy about fish, but these fillets were done just right. Not fishy yet tasty, with a buttery sauce that was so yum, I soaked my fish in it. There was also mashed potatoes and stir fried veggies, but I couldn’t take my tongue of the sauce.

Over all it was a lovely meal and I look forward to eating at the Rogue Elephant again. Great ambience, smiling service, yummy food and not hefty bill. It hits the spot on all parameters.

My only grouse was the four girls sitting at the table next to us. Rich teenagers, they were noisy but it was fun to eavesdrop through the meal and get an insight into their rich fancy lives. One thing I noticed: they didn’t talk boys much. 😛

I consider myself a rather modern minded, scientific girl but I do like believing in superstitions when they work in my favour and destiny. I believe everyone has a kismet (even the word sounds wonderful), a destiny that is worked out for them. I also believe each one’s kismet is in their own hands. The larger plan of our lives is already planned to fit the grand pattern/web of all things but we have control over the small things.

The destination and big stopovers are already chalked out, but we get to choose the route we take to get there.

And that’s where the Rogue Elephant fits in. It’s the small joys and things we do that make our kismet a happy one. A quite lunch together makes being together so much more joyful.

I need to remind myself to do more of these small things this year.

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