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M for Mike, M for More, Maza

I’ve been thinking of a word with ‘M’ since last night and have been putting of writing all day. Choosing a word with M just seems so difficult.

This morning I gave up racking my brains and even searched Google for words. I found a few that sounded good – Meaning, Motivation, Miracle, Magic, Making a difference, Mastery, Meditation, Mojo and Maza. But none of them rang that bell. And so I put of writing all day as I juggled words.

Meaning Sure, my life sure needs meaning right now. I don’t need 15 year plans but I’d really like to figure out the meaning of life in washing vessels.

Motivation Oh this one I need by the bucket loads. Just being regular with my A to Z Challenge is a challenge. I’m proud of getting to the 13th letter and post with this one but I need to push in other areas now too.

Miracle It’s all about the miracle of life and everything around us. You know that spiel…

Magic Now this one was a topper on my list. The life I lead is like magic, even though most times I don’t see the pixie dust.

Making a DifferenceI ain’t all that hung up about changing the world and all. I try to make a difference around me (which also blows up a lot in my face) or atleast I try too. But the work that got me here was Make.

MakeThis I want to do a lot of. I want to make more time for myself to make a lot of things. This one I really want to do this year. I miss my craft and I keep planing to do some everyday but it just gets put off for something or the other. I need to make up my mind and make time for this ASAP. 😛

Mastery I’m a jack and I like it. It means I have a varied amount of knowledge even if I don’t know everything about one thing. But I’m wondering if mastery is a good thing for some skills…

Meditation I need to get back to regular meditation and mudras. I’ll tell you another time about my time at Vipassana and how it impacted my life.

Mojo I mean, come on, do I even have to explain . 😀

Maza This hindi word is something I want this year to be packed with in loadfuls. Maza encompasses very form of fun you can thing of, from the small tips to the fair to Disney Land, it’s all maza, and I want more.

Hmmm.. so that’s the list and I still can’t find a word that sticks out for me. Guess I’m going to settle for a tie between More and Maza. I do really want to make time to make more stuff this year whether it’s backing, cooking, gardening or craft, and doing all that will be, what maza I say. 🙂

But I also want to take time to do the little things that I suddenly feel like doing. Like today morning on my way back from the store with breakfast supplies as saw lots of red in the tree. I love Singapore Cherries but until today the caving hadn’t hit. This morning I stood outside the gate jumping about quite a bit eating berries. And it was yum and fun, with a little exercise. 😛 I need to do the small things that make me smile more often!

What word would you have chosen for me with ‘M’? For yourself?

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