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N for November, N for Nature

I’ve always wanted to have a garden, not the pretty kind but the edible kind. 🙂 Growing up we had a garden for a few years but those were my college years, who wanted to garden then. Later over the years I never had garden space, until now. Our new house has a little garden along one side of the house and I’ve enjoyed watering, working and watching it the last few months.

I’ve already had so many cool things happen because of the garden, that I figured I’d make a list of until now along with my wish list of stuff to do. Ok, lets get the want to do over with, coz that’s simple – This year I want to learn more about gardening, plants, and the birds and animals I see around here. And some of this I have plans for, for the rest there is YouTube so it’s all under-control. 😀

Now on to the highlights of the last four months, I figured photos would work well here. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

The garden in full spring bloom…

There were so many flowers I didn’t take photos of, why, [hitting my head] I have no idea; but here are some that I did get –

And I’ve seen fruits galore too, I forgot to click the drumsticks and you saw the Singapore Cherries yesterday. Here are the others until now –

The garden’s brought in creatures galore too. From rats to bats and a large variety of lizards –

Not to forget the Spectacled Cobra we caught the other day 😀

The latest news is we’ve got a nest now. I saw it first on Monday and today I found a egg. 🙂 Seems to belong to either robins or bulbuls, need to watch out for the birds.

After the snake incident I’ve taken to having the dogs around when I’m watering the garden, but here’s what happens on some days while there are still muddy puddles… 😛 (Thankfully Max loves being hosed down)

I’ve been enjoying the garden, it’s a bit of work watering it everyday but it has something new for me to see every day. Can’t wait to get my hands dirty in there over the next few months.

Do you have a garden? Love gardening? Which is your go to place for gardening advise?

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