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O for Oscar, O for Orgasmic

Ushoo… I said the taboo word… 😛 Agreed orgasmic means ‘able to achieve orgasm’ but informally it also means ‘very enjoyable’. As in an orgasmic new drink or orgasmic fresh strawberries. And I really would like this year to be orgasmic, not the the standard kind of way but the cool or different kind of way.

Let me explain… and what better example than condom companies? 😛 (one more ushoo…)

Almost all condom companies in India have similar advertisement; they all go for the ‘condoms are seductive’ approach where there there will be a man and a woman engaged in some form of foreplay (that just doesn’t happen in real life, at least not all the time). There will be suggestive music and a complete theme of seduction. Considering it’s India we’re talking about, nothing much is shown, it’s all just suggested. (I guess we should be thankful that we’ve moved on from the roses bumping into each other era.) 😀

However one company does things differently. The first time I ever noticed a Durex ad was about 10 years ago when I came across this.

Oh man, I laughed my guts out.

Then a week back, Che showed me this.

It’s pretty cool isn’t it! Now I have Do-The-Rex on constant rerun in my head, and since it’s Ranveer Singh, it’s got visuals too. 😀

BTW this ad led to Rituparna Chatterjee asking the question “Where’s the condom ad for normal, bloated, bored women with no nights out, kids and very little time and energy to ‘Do The Rex’?“.  Someday I would like to see a condom ad with a woman in the central role, and Durex being Durex, just might pull it off!

Durex does things differently; even in their advertisement. Where other companies are striving to make condoms sexy, Durex makes condoms cool and smart. Here’s some more Durex ads to make you smile. 🙂

I really like the baby-seat and football team ads, which ones did you like?

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