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U for Uniform, U for Unique

Yesterday was a crazy day packed with stuff and I didn’t a chance to write all day. And at the end of the day, I was just too tired to type. So, here’s yesterday’s post today. 🙂

Unique has been playing on my mind since a while now but I couldn’t think of what to write about. I think I am unique, but so does everyone else. Then, what’s the big deal about being unique. Why should I care about being unique?

Then yesterday while Che and I were waiting for rice to cook, we got talking about societal influences and unrelated topics and it struck me – I am not a societal puppet. My morality, my principles, my values, they are unique. They are unique because in the last 30+ years I have interacted with a fairly large number of people. From my family to friends in school, college, work and the outside world. Every interaction I have had has shaped the way I think and feel today.

Some of these interactions are not even face to face. With the TV growing up and now the internet, the number of interactions I have has exploded. And then there are the interactions I have with myself. 😀 The thought of the sheer number of people and instances in my life astounds me. The number of interactions in just 30 years is so large you could count it as One. One because there are so many that each is indistinct, they are like an entity.

And it is this ‘One’ that makes me, me. If anything in my life had been different, I may have been a completely or slightly different person today, or for all you know I may have turned out just this way. But it is this One that makes me unique. From all the Me’s in all the parallel universes and from everyone else. 😀

I am the only one who had these interactions in this series. My morality, my principles, my values, the way I think and feel are a sum of all my past interactions with people. Each one adding to who I am today. I am Unique!

Of course, this is true of everyone else too! 😀

Photo Credit: Optimusius1 and PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay.

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