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X for X-ray, X for X-factor

I spent all of yesterday and today thinking of words starting with ‘x’, I searched and found quite a few words too, but all them were exotic and unusable. I was starting to contemplate writing a post about not finding a word when it all fell into place, x-factor was my word.

The electricity went out at about 1pm today. With only half of the house work done and clothes in the washing machine I prayed it would come back soon.

After all the work and some sitting around I finally gave up at 5pm and had a cold water bath. The electricity still wasn’t back.

With sunset nearing Che and I now decided to take action, this wasn’t normal. A little bit of scouting around and we learned it was just our lane without power and that our neighbour was just heading out to complain to the society guys.

There wasn’t much we could do but sit and wait, so we headed back and sat down for a few minutes under the cherry tree. Our street’s been dug up and looks a bit different right now. Maybe the JCB had something to do with the power outage.

Sitting there, there came the idea of a movie, no work was going to happen for a while at home anyway. And today was Wednesday, that meant 100 rupee tickets! 20 minutes later, tickets booked, we were on our way to Hawa Hawai.

The movie as a concept is great but it has so many sub-stories that the main story struggles to be seen in the haze. Anyway back to point. It was on our way to the movie that ‘x-factor’ hit me.

My life in all about the x-factor, the unscheduled power-cuts and the unplanned movies. And happiness seems to be all about celebrating the x-factor. 🙂

BTW have you watched Hawa Hawai? What did you think of it?

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