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Y for Yankee, Y for Yummy

I am almost at the end of my A to Z Challenge with just ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ left now. And Y and Z fall into the ‘difficult to find words, wait for divine inspiration’ category. So I duly waited for that stroke of enlightenment, that spotlight of sunshine.

The hunt for words with Y brought up some interesting finds –

yaff – to bark like a snarling dog
yager – nineteenth-century rifle
yashmak – double Muslim veil leaving only eyes uncovered
yegg – a burglar of safes
yerk – to draw tight; to bind
yappy – talkative, loquacious
yodel – sing with abrupt alternating changes between the normal voice and falsetto
yeuk – to itch
yex – to hiccup, belch or spit

And then, as I ate lunch yesterday, in marched the word ‘Yummy’ into my mind, and got reinforced with dinner.

This whole gassy situation has cramped my eating style. Gone are the days of eating irregularly and mindlessly. I now have to make sure my stomach doesn’t stay empty for long and that I eat healthy.

Considering my culinary skills and enthusiasm in the kitchen this was an uphill task. Something that boggled my mind so much that if asked ‘What shall we eat?’, my standard reply was curd rice (not that I’m a taair-sadam fan).

And that’s where the hero makes entry, he swaggers in and sweeps the damsel off her feet. 😀 Che did just that, he took it on and found the infamous khichidi, which in the last couple of weeks he has perfected. If it wasn’t as good as it is, I would have gotten bored of it much earlier.

But yeah, I’ve been getting bored, slowly and steadily my perkiness to the word ‘lunch’ has waned and my beeline to the kitchen has become a crawl.

So what does the hero do? He flicks his wand and finds new dishes I can eat. Yeah, you could say Che must have been bored too, but I like seeing him as hero. 😛

Photo Credit: Chenthil

Yesterday he made avial for lunch and adai for dinner. Ohh and did I enjoy it. They were both yum. Avial is one of my favourite veggie dishes, it not only has coconut milk but also tons of veggies. I could eat a bowlful just like that!

Adai, I don’t think I have ever eaten this before but I really liked it. Simple to make once the batter was given to me, it was a wholesome filling meal. And with the amount of ghee I was instructed to put, fattening too!

This post isn’t about me really, it’s about this man I married who does such an awesome job in the kitchen that I sometimes think I should just keep him there, if only he cleaned up as well as he cooked I might have. 😀 Che is so the opposite of me; I find cooking stressful and a chore but to him it’s therapeutic and fun.

Tasty is an important word to me, when it comes to food. I love eating different types of food but making it all, just isn’t my thing. Left to myself I’ll crib, curse, mop and then eat dal rice or curd rice rather then make something elaborate.

So, here’s my official thank you to Che for making my year ‘yummy’. 😛

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