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Z for Zulu, Z for Zero

“Along life’s journey,
May it ever be your goal,
To keep your eyes on the doughnut,
And not upon the hole.”

The first time I came across these lines was in my 2nd PU (12th) scrapbook. Those days scrapbooks with questions and layouts were a rage and I’d been so proud to get one. Anyway, over the years the book has gotten buried somewhere but these lines have remained with me. It’s become one of my favourite life advises.

And that’s where zero comes in. Zero by itself isn’t much or rather is nothing, but put it along with another number and things dramatically change. And with each addition of a zero, the number increases by leaps and bounds. There’s more to a zero then it’s zilch.

To me zero is also a number with negative connotations, so I wondered do a lot of people choose zero as their favourite number? A little bit of searching and reading let me to Alex Bellos, a mathematics blogger for The Guardian. A few years back Alex setup a site and asked people what was their favourite number and why.

After surveying over 30,000 people from across the world, the results are in and here’s what he has to say about zero.

“If you like the number 0, join the smart aleck club. More than any other number, people seemed to pick 0 because they thought it was a clever thing to do.”

If you are wondering about the results of the survey, 7 ranked highest followed by 3 and 8. As for zero, it isn’t the least favourite but it isn’t in the top 20 either.

So coming back to point, zero is an interesting number, it’s a clever number. Inert by itself but capable of causing positive, drastic and big changes when put in with another.

These would be nice qualities to have no? I’d like to be more of a zero this year. 😀

What do you think of zero? What’s your favourite number?

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