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Tuesday At The Movies: Project Sudeep

I first noticed Sudeep a few years back but I never did really pay attention to him then. There were multiple reasons I think – my Kannada isn’t very proficient, I’m not a huge fan of Kannada Cinema, most Kannada movies I hear of are just masala with no substance, and so on go my reasons.

Over the years though I have been seeing Sudeep’s face off and on plastered on walls around the city, then a couple of months back I watched a part of some movie of his and he caught my eye. The movie left me interested even though I couldn’t understand all of what transpired and was said (I don’t even know the name).

The partial movie got me thinking and it took a few months for the thought to crystallise, but now that that’s done, here’s what I plan to do. I intend to watch some or maybe even all Sudeep’s movies in a bid to understand him better, Kannada Cinema better and who knows maybe even make my spoken Kannada better. 😀

When I looked up Sudeep on Wikipedia I found a long list of movies and I didn’t know how to go about choosing movies to watch. I figured it’d be best to ask friends on Facebook to solve this dilemma. Here’s are the movie they recommended…

  1. Mussanje Mathu
  2. Kiccha
  3. Just Math Mathalli
  4. Veera Madakari
  5. Naan E / Eega
  6. Huccha
  7. Varada Nayaka
  8. Maanikya

That’s not a lot of movies, yet 8 movies will take me 24 hours to finish watching and seems like countless hours to find and download. That’s my biggest challenge it seems – how do I find these movies easily?

I keep you posted on how Project Sudeep is coming along as the weeks progress. In the mean time, if you know of easy methods of getting a copy of these movies please let me know. And feel free to add to my Must Watch Sudeep Movie List in comments. :)

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